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Jungle Speed Game Review

Fast Card Game for Families

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Jungle Speed Game by Asmodee

Jungle Speed by Asmodee is a fast action family game geared for kids ages 8 and up. 2-10 people can play simultaneously. On your turn, flip a card over. If you have the same pattern as another player, be the first to grab the totem pole in the center of the table and you'll win that hand. Play continues quickly and the first player to lose all their cards first, wins.

What's Included In the Box

- 1 Yellow Totem Pole

- 80 patterned cards

- Storage bag

- Instruction Manual

How to Play

Jungle Speed Game by Asmodee©Asmodee

- All 80 cards are dealt evenly amongst the players

- Players use one hand, on their turn, to flip one card over at a time

- If another player has the same pattern as theirs this triggers a duel and only the players with the matching patterns race to grab the totem pole in the center of the playing surface

- The first one to grab the totem pole wins, the loser of the duel receives the cards of the winner

- Play continues until one player loses all of their cards, even the cards from their discard pile

- Special cards like the Inward-Facing Arrows card, Colored Arrows, and Outward-Facing Arrows card can also quickly change the play of the game

- The Inward-Facing Arrows card prompts all players to reach for the totem pole

- The Outward-Facing Arrows card encourages all players to simultaneously flip a card to see if there is a duel triggered

- The Colored Arrows card switches from pattern matching to color matching

My Personal Review

This portable card game is fun, fast, and generally easy to play, once there is a basic understanding of the game rules. I have played this game with several small groups of children, both boys and girls. It has often taken a few rounds of the game to get a real feel for the pace and the different patterns within the cards. The patterns are similar, yet different enough that you will definitely find yourself reaching for the totem pole, second guessing yourself on whether the patterns really match or not, which definitely adds to the excitement and the fun.

The main concept of the game is somewhat similar to the popular card game Uno, though instead of matching colors and numbers, the object of Jungle Speed is to match patterns. Many children I played this game with had played Uno before and they were applying the rules they learned in that card game to Jungle Speed. So I found that is helpful to reinforce the rules from the start, being related to matching patterns, and not the colors. The special cards took the most getting used to for me, and I often found myself stopping the flow of the game initially to explain what steps needed to be taken. For example, the Colored Arrows card changes the play so that a duel is triggered by the next pair of matching colors, which could be immediately on the next hand. The kids were often confused in the with this card initially, because they often thought they had to specifically pick the color that would trigger the duel. Definitely keep the instruction manual handy for the first few rounds of play.

I have played this game several times with only one other player besides myself, and it is definitely much more fun and interactive, triggering more duels, when at least 3 people play together. All of the children I played this game with stated how much they enjoyed playing the game. The included storage bag for the pieces makes this an easy game to travel with and play as a family, because it can be played anywhere.

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