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Let's Rock! Elmo Review

An Interactive Toy for Toddlers

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Let's Rock Elmo

The Sesame Street character Elmo is well loved by kids and adults of all ages. This lovable, red furry monster has now made his rock star debut! The toy, Let's Rock! Elmo, sings 6 different songs. This mechanical toddler toy recognizes his own instruments and interacts with kids by singing, moving his arms to play instruments, and encouraging kids to sing, dance and play musical instruments right along with him.

What's Included in the Package?


Microphone in Elmo's right hand

Tambourine in Elmo's left hand


6 temporary "AA" batteries


Let's Rock! Elmo is recommended for kids ages 18 months to 4 years of age

Elmo sings 6 different songs: Elmo Likes to Rock and Roll, What Elmo Likes About You, It Takes Two, Rock 'n Roll Alphabet, Sing Out and Elmo's World

All of the words to the songs are listed in the instruction manual

Once a musical instrument is placed in the correct location (microphone in right hand, tambourine in left hand, drums in front of his feet) Elmo can recognize each instrument and thanks the child for giving it to him

Additional Let's Rock! Elmo accessories for the child to play include a microphone, guitar and keyboard which are sold separately. When the instruments are placed in "band mode" Elmo is able to recognize the accessories and will ask the child to play along

Elmo can not play all 3 instruments simultaneously, if holding the microphone and the tambourine, he can not play the drums

If the specific instrument Elmo requests is not placed in his hand when asked 5 times, he will assume the instrument is lost and will not continue to request the item

To hear Elmo sing one of his songs, push the button on the top of his left foot

After 4 or 5 seconds of inactivity, Elmo will say a random phase. If it is not followed, he will enter sleep mode within 45-50 seconds

My Review

This fun Elmo toy is made of soft fur, that covers his body. Since this is a motorized toy, there is a wire frame that allows him to open and close his mouth, as well as move his arms, and this frame can be felt through his fur. When singing Elmo moves his mouth very accurately to the music and his words are generally clear. There is an underlying mechanical sound that can be heard as Elmo moves his body parts in conjunction with the songs. A great feature for young kids is that Elmo will still sing if he is held, so kids can hold him and dance with him. It is fairly easy to place the musical instruments in the right location, providing that the child knows that the microphone is required to be only in Elmo's right hand and the tambourine can only be placed in his left hand, which could be a difficult concept for young children to learn initially. My son is 2 and a huge Elmo fan, though he likes to dance with the toy, he is more fascinated about the mechanics of the toy and frequently tries to place Elmo's microphone inside his mouth, or use his own hands to open and close Elmo's mouth repeatedly when he's singing. However, what's great about the design of this toy is that Elmo continues to sing and there does not appear to be any way that a child could get hurt when exploring Elmo. Elmo very politely asks for the instruments and speaks slowly enough for kids to understand him. However, based on your child's ability, it may be helpful if you initially sing and dance along with your child to make sure that they can follow the directions appropriately. Right out of the box, Elmo has all the tools for kids to immediately have fun, but the additional accessories such as the microphone, guitar and keyboard help to expand his play value even further, especially if you have a family with multiple children who want to sing and dance at the same time.

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