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Lite Sprites Magic Wand and Prisma Sprite Review


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Lite Sprite Magic Wand and Prisma Sprite

Lite-Topia is a magical land full of color and light where the Lite Sprites live. This toy Lite Wand allows children to collect color from their world and transfer that color to a variety of toys and playsets with the push and hold of a button. Along with the wand, this toy includes Prisma Sprite, but there are 4 other Sprites. Astra, Meadow and Brook have unique personalities and use their color to express their personality. However, Bleak, the naughty Sprite can not collect color, but she disrupts the color in Lite-Topia. This popular toy is one of the best toys for girls ages 4 and up.

What's Included

- 1 Lite Wand

- 1 Prisma Sprite Doll

- 1 Forest Pod stand

- 1 Color Wheel (a double-sided flower-like wheel of various colors)

- 1 User Guide

- 3 "LR44" button-cell batteries installed within Prisma Sprite

- 4 "AAA" batteries are required, but not included with the Lite Wand

How it Works

After installing 4 "AAA" batteries into the Lite Wand, young children hold the Lite Wand upright placing the bottom of the wand on different items within their home environment or directly on an individual color on the included Lite Card. When pushing the Diamond button and holding the Lite Wand in this upright position, the Lite Wand will remember this particular color, and it will glow in the orb at the end of the wand.

After assembling Prisma's Forest Pod stand, Prisma Sprite can be turned on and placed inside this stand. Once Prisma is turned on, after holding down the diamond button for about 2 seconds, the color stored in the wand that is glowing in the orb is then transferred to Prisma Sprite. She will continue to glow this color, unless the child gives her a different color from the Lite Wand. The Lite Wand, which also has 2 volume settings (High/Low), is able to store up to 50 different colors. The two small buttons below the orb at the end of the lite wand, show the next 2 colors stored in the wand. Kids can cycle through different colors stored on the lite wand.

Color can be shared from the Lite Wand to Prisma from up to 6-7 feet (2 meters) away. In addition to this set, the Lite Wand is able to transfer color to several different Lite Sprites and playsets that are available as accessories, which are sold separately.

If the child does not interact with the Lite Wand for about 1 minute, the Lite Wand will play a bubble sound, cycle through the colors in the library. After another minute without interaction the Lite Wand will play a chime and enter sleep mode.

Games and Spells

Aside from sharing color to their Lite-Sprites, if the small button above the diamond button is pushed, kids can activate the games and spell feature.

In the Color Hunt game, the Lite Wand will flash a color. The child can either scan their home environment for an item of the same color, or hold the Lite Wand upright on the corresponding color on the color wheel, but they must be fast and find the color within the correct time frame.

In the Color Mix game, two colors will flash in the Orb and Color Displays, while kids try to collect the color that is made when the 2 colors are mixed together.

In the Color Spells mode, there are 2 different types of spells, World Spells and Bleak Spells. For those children who will enjoy the imaginative play that Lite Sprites will bring, the World Spells such as the cold spell, heat wave and nighty night spells, allow kids to cast color spells on their Lite-Sprites. There are two spells that work only with the Bleak Lite-Sprite who is sold separately. Bleak is typically not able to display color, but can steal it from other Lite-Sprites. These two bleak spells free Bleak from her colorless world and allow her to also share color.

My Review

Right out of the box, there is very little set-up with this toy, aside from adding 4 "AAA" batteries to the Lite Wand, which is done by an adult who will need to unscrew the battery compartment with a screwdriver. It was pretty simple to figure out how to load the color onto the Lite Wand from either real objects in our home (such as kids' board books, boxes, plastic toys), or from the double sided color wheel included in the packaging. The Lite Wand will read color from items that have a flat, smooth surface. Like many traditional play sets, there are a variety of other characters and accessories that are available for purchase separately. That being said, the only negative feature is that this Lite Wand is a must-have prior to purchasing any of the accessory sets. Some kids may be disappointed if they receive an accessory set or a Sprite as a gift, without any way to change the colors, if they do not own the Lite Wand. In general, aside from the imaginative play the accessory sets provide, the Lite Wand is a great toy for learning color matching because of the games and spells included in the Lite Wand. It is not surprising to me why Lite Sprites have become a very sought after, popular toy with girls ages 4 and up.

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