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Chicco Turbo Touch Speed Truck Toddler Toy

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Chicco Turbo Touch Speed Truck Toddler Toy - Toddler Toy for Kids Who Love Trucks

Chicco Turbo Touch Speed Truck Toddler Toy - Toddler Toy for Kids Who Love Trucks

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The Bottom Line

This is a clever toy that's very engaging for toddlers who like cars and trucks, though it's noisy and has no volume control.


  • It's tough to find a race track toy for toddlers.
  • The motion of the car is cute. It spins to a stop when it comes out of the track.
  • Multiple ways to play with the truck. It's a car carrier or a track.
  • It is fun and engaging for toddlers. They love it!


  • It plays loud rock-n-roll music (screaming guitars!) and has no volume control.
  • The design is for one car, which doesn't make for much of a race.
  • Car has to be switched off manually, something a toddler won't do.
  • The front panel pops off the truck requiring frequent, "Mommy fix its!"


  • Car-carrier truck easily converts to a race track.
  • The chunky car is a fun toy for toddlers.
  • It plays guitar music too loudly, but a couple of pieces of tape over the speaker were a quick fix.
  • Rated for Ages 2 and Up

Guide Review - Chicco Turbo Touch Speed Truck Toddler Toy

This clever truck toy is great for 2 and 3-year-olds who love cars and trucks and racing. The car carrier is chunky and big and it's easy to convert it to a race track by unfolding the top portion.

The truck plays guitar music and engine sounds, and even a "wah-wah-waaaaah" at the end of the race. It's too loud but a few pieces of Scotch tape over the speaker made a quick fix.

The car makes engine sounds, too and it is easy for toddlers to push down on the back to trigger the motor. It spins out after a few feet, which looks cute because you're looking at the eyes on the windshield. It's a fun design.

My own 2-year-old son played with this toy for a long while. Its versatility and ease of use for a toddler makes it fun.

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