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Perplexus Puzzle Game

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Perplexus Puzzle Game Review - New Puzzle Game Review

Perplexus is a new puzzle game.

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The Bottom Line

The game is challenging and fun by design, but the numbers are really hard to see. It seems like it would be easy to print the numbers on the path rather than embossing them on the plastic. That would make it much more fun!
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  • Perlexus is truly challenging and puzzle-game fanatics will like it.
  • It's a clever and unique game. I've never seen anything like it.


  • The numbers on the path are too hard to see and that makes it frustrating.


  • Turn the plastic sphere in your hands to guide the metal ball through the numbered path.
  • The ball rolls, jumps and turns corners to complete the colorful path.
  • Unfortunately the numbers are very difficult to see.

Guide Review - Perplexus Puzzle Game

Perplexus is a clear, plastic ball that contains a colorful labyrinth inside. A small, metal ball rolls freely in it. Rotate the ball in your hands until to make the marble follow one of the three numbered paths. It's a fun idea and a unique concept.
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