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Girl Tech Stylin' Studio

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Girl Tech Stylin' Studio

Girl Tech Stylin' Studio


The Bottom Line

Most little girls love dressing up. As a parent of a princess-in-the-making, I know this for a fact. So, I was pretty impressed by this little gadget, the Stylin' Studio from Radica, which allows you to take a picture, modify it digitally and give yourself the look of your choice, complete with makeup, accessories, a brand new hairstyle and a cool background. Wait, there's no need to stop at just yourself. After you've finished having fun with your own picture, you can always start on your friends and family. Now, just imagine your brother with curly locks. This thing really has potential. Wink!
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  • It's a blast to create new looks so easily!
  • You can experiment with makeup, hairstyles and accessories
  • Great for a sleepover or pajama party


  • The camera could do with some major work
  • Gets boring after a while


  • The Stylin Studio hooks up to your computer
  • You can share your pictures via email
  • It's a hoot to create new looks for yourself, your family and friends

Guide Review - Girl Tech Stylin' Studio

We've all gone through the phase of wanting to change the way how we look. Sometimes it's a recipe for disaster. I remember how I went in for a dramatic new hairstyle which I spotted in a magazine and ended up wearing a hat for the rest of the season until my hair grew out again.

The Girl Tech Stylin' Studio from Radica (a division of Mattel) is the perfect answer to all your makeover issues. Girls can now experiment with a lot of different styles including clothes, jewelry and accessories without doing anything too drastic in real life.

The little unit offers a digital camera that allows you to take pictures which can then be viewed on your computer monitor. After the image is loaded, the makeover magic can begin. I must mention at this point, however, that you shouldn't expect crystal clear images from the camera- they're more grainy than I would like them to be.

You can choose from the various options that you see on the monitor and begin your transformation process using the touchpad. You can select cool clothes, makeup, hair styles and accessories. Once you're satisfied with your new look, you can send the pictures via email or print them and share them with your friends and family.

The Girl Tech Stylin' Studio is recommended for ages 8 to 15. It makes a great gift for the holiday season.

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, Member faboulous2014

mines is not working i dont know whats wrong with it i brought it 4 my dauther but its not working

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