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iPad Games for Kids

Amazing Accessories for iPad Play!


If you have purchased an iPad for yourself, most likely your children are trying to find ways to play games and watch movies on it. Aside from downloading a variety of apps for them to use, there are some iPad games for kids available that include some unique accessories. Once the devices in this list are purchased, many of the apps can be downloaded for free in the iTunes store. The toys and games in this list will encourage children to interact with the applications on this amazing technology in such fun, new and exciting ways.

1. Atari Arcade by Discovery Bay Games

Atari Arcade iPad
©Discovery Bay Games

Atari Arcade is designed for 1-2 players. This accessory is a plastic base that holds the iPad in a vertical position. Once the Atari Greatest Hits app is downloaded, this accessory allows players to pick one of their classic favorite Atari games and play it using the buttons and joystick. For $9.99 in the iTunes store, the full version of this app includes 100 different games that can be played with this accessory.

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2. Crayola iMarker

Crayola HD ColorStudio iMarker
©Crayola / ©Griffin Technology

The Crayola iMarker by Crayola and Griffin Technology, allows children to "color" on the iPad with this special marker stylus. The iMarker is a marker, crayon, colored pencil, paintbrush and pen, all without the mess. Within the free Crayola Colorstudio HD app, while coloring, the drawings and animations come to life. 30 different coloring pages are included in the app. Creations can be saved, emailed, uploaded to Facebook or printed. This accessory is recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

3. Disney Pix

Disney Pix

After the purchase of a 7 megapixel camera, called the AppClix(PriceGrabber), this free app, Disney Pix, allows kids to download their pictures, and edit them right on the iPad. Different Disney themes and characters can be included on the picture.

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4. Disney Pixar Cars AppMATes


The Cars accessory vehicles for the iPad are sold as a 2-pack. Your child can collect any one of their Cars and Cars 2 characters such as Lightning McQueen, Mater, Holley Shiftwell, Finn McMissile, Francesco Bernoulli and Shu Todoroki. The Cars AppMATes app is downloaded for free through the iTunes store. The kids can then take their actual car, place it on top of the iPad and drive all around Radiator Springs collecting items and competing in races with other cars.

5. Disney Spotlight

Disney Spotlight

Available as either a wired mic or wireless mic, kids can now sing karaoke with their favorite Disney songs, all from their iPad. After downloading the free app from the iTunes store, kids can unlock their favorite Disney songs, or sing songs from their own iTunes library. Videos of their performances can be created and additional songs are available for purchase.

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6. Duo Plink by Discovery Bay Games

Duo Plink iPad game
©Discovery Bay Games

Ideal for 2-6 players, recommended for kids ages 5 and up, players download any one of the apps that is compatible with Duo Plink available from the iTunes store. Most of the apps played with this device, are free, but some are available for purchase as well. In most of the games, players receive 7 tokens of the same color. When asked a question when using the app, players indicate their answer by placing their token on either the purple or green pad on top of Duo Plink. If they answer the question correctly, the beads are dropped into the container, which automatically keeps score. Apps include memory games from the popular Highlights magazine for children, and science themed trivia questions.

7. Duo Pop by Discovery Bay Games

Duo Pop Game iPad
©Discovery Bay Games

For trivia enthusiasts, Duo Pop transforms your iPad into a buzzer system. Be the first person to pop their Duo Pop, then correctly answer the question to win. This accessory is recommended for 2-4 players and makes another great family game. There are several free iPad apps like Guesstimation available for download in the iTunes store that include picture games for young children, as well as trivia and word games for adults.

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8. GameChanger

gamechanger by identity games
©Identity Games

Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, GameChanger turns the iPad into an electronic board game that provides unique animation and sound. Once the iPad is placed in the cradle of the game board, this allows the game pieces to also interact with the iPad. There are two games included with the free app, which can be downloaded in the iTunes store.

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