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Top 10 Best Toys Of The Year - As seen at Toy Fair 2006


Every year, thousands of toys are introduced at the NY Toy Fair. Through the year, one can spot all kinds of toys, ranging from creative to funny, to the bizarre! Every year, some toys really stand out because they are so good, and others stand out because they are different, or in some cases, just plain weird. The best toys are those which have the maximum chances of making it big this holiday season. Here is a list of the Best Toys of the Year - as seen at the Toy Fair 2006.

1. Disney Pixar Cars

Disney Pixar Cars
The eagerly anticipated movie from Disney Pixar, CARS, is purported to be an action packed, hilarious, roller coaster of a movie. Owen Wilson has lent his voice to the car Fast Talking Lightning McQueen, a major character in the movie. Disney and Mattel have come out with a wide range of toys and playsets based on the movie Cars. As expected, the line of toys includes a wide range of toy vehicles, including the highlight of the product line, an animated car based on Lightning McQueen.

2. Superman Returns Inflato-Suit from Mattel

Superman Returns Inflato-Suit from Mattel
One of the hottest and best toys from Mattel for the year is the Superman Inflato-Suit. With the Superman Returns hype building up, Superman themed toys are predicted to reach soaring heights this year. This blue and red suit can be inflated with a battery powered fan, and will transform even the puniest of kids to the muscular Superman. Kids will love wearing this colorful outfit, and showing off their new-found muscles!

3. Bratz Diamondz from MGA Entertainment

Bratz Diamondz from MGA Entertainment
MGA Entertainment
The Bratz Diamondz line from MGA is a flashy new line indeed. The Bratz dolls look even more glamorous in their sparkly outfits studded with rhinestones. But wait, the "Diamondz" in the line don't just pertain to the doll's clothes alone. A piece of kid-sized wearable jewellery with a real diamond, complete with a certificate of authenticity, comes along with the Bratz doll. Talk about a diamond being a girl's best friend!

4. LEGO Spongebob

LEGO Spongebob
LEGO's new Spongebob line of construction sets are awesome. Adventures at Bikini Bottom is a fun playset where kids can build the famous pineapple and open it to play with the basketball inside. The Krusty Krab is an interactive LEGO kit where kids will enjoy flinging Krabby Patties. SpongeBob and Plankton's Adventure is a desktop model of SpongeBob, complete with internal functions, spinning eyes and interchangeable mouth plates to recreate the antics when Plankton took over SpongeBob's mind.

5. Marvel Superheroes from MGA Entertainment

Marvel Superheroes from MGA Entertainment
MGA Entertainment
MGA's new licenses include the Marvel Superheros. The new line from MGA is full of promise. One of the highlights is a big Spiderman game called Spider Assault in which you have to battle against Doc Ock's mechanical hands. Another playset which caught the eye is a racetrack set called Crash City with cars zooming along and ultimately crashing. Insane Darts, Marvel Mayhem, diecast cars, and even a super carnival railway playset featuring Spidey and friends are worth a mention.

6. Tickle Me Elmo from Fisher Price

Tickle Me Elmo from Fisher Price
Fisher Price
To commemorate Tickle Me Elmo's 10th birthday, Mattel has decided to bring out a new incarnation called (somewhat mysteriously) T.M.X. The top secrecy surrounding this toy is the best part about it! Unfortunately at this point, nothing much is known about the new ELMO, except for the fact that he will be more expensive than the regular ELMO which retails for around $30. One will just have to wait and watch!

7. Wow Wee's RS Media

Wow Wee's RS Media
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Wow Wee's taken the Robosapien to an entirely new level. With a full color LCD screen, hand-mounted speakers, RS Media can display and store data easily from your PC. You can listen to your favorite songs through the new Robosapien's speakers, choreograph a dance or two, watch a movie, import pictures, or even click pictures via the inbuilt camera. You can change RS Media's personality into one of the four provided personalities or create your own. The RS Media is truly a piece of robotic art!

8. Hasbro's IDog

Hasbro's IDog
Hasbro plans to release a black I-Dog, a pink I-Dog, an I-Dog Pup and I-Dog clothes and accessories. The I-Dogs have distinct personalities based on the music which is playing - rock, punk, hip hop and dance. The I-Dog pup is a scaled down version of it's older counterpart. It is small enough to fit into your pocket. It does not function as a speaker. In the clothing line, Hasbro has plans to come out with a scarf, hat, sweater, booties and hand warmers in a I-Dog Chill set.
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9. Toy Quest's I-Que

Toy Quest's I-Que
Toy Quest
I-Que from Toy Quest is a wonder robot indeed. The little robotic pet can spell, say or give the meaning of any word in the Merriam-Webster's English dictionary. In addition, the interactive robot will identify it's owner's voice, follow them around, knows the date and time, and is intelligent enough to remember fun facts about different things. When it's batteries run low, the robot itself goes to the docking station to recharge it's batteries! Talk about being intelligent.

10. Hasbro's Transformers

Hasbro's Transformers
Hasbro has plans to expand it's line of Transformers toys and action figures. The Transformers movie is scheduled to come out in 2007, and the Transformers hype is being built up slowly but steadily. The Transformers lines from Hasbro include Transformers Titanium, Transformers Attacktix, Transformers Alternators, Transformers Beast Wars and Transformers Cybertron.

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