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KinderBike Laufrad Balance Bike - A Serious Bike for Little Kids

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KinderBike Laufrad Balance Bike - Balance Bike for Little Kids

KinderBike Laufrad Balance Bike

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The Bottom Line

This is a great way to teach kids how to steer and balance a bike and use a hand brake.
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  • Strong, solid construction makes a high-quality balance bike that's strong enough to hand down
  • Bell, reflectors and hand brake make it seem like a "big-kid bike" to little kids
  • Adjustable seat grows with the child - 12" to 16" size
  • Easy to assemble with the included allen wrench
  • Comes in three bright colors


  • 16" is too small for some 4-year-old kids
  • At around $100 this is an investment toy that will likely be replaced after one or two summers.


  • Balance bike has no pedals.
  • Kids can learn to steer, balance and stop a bike without training wheels.
  • Kids in Europe have been learning on balance bikes for years.
  • Some say training wheels are old fashioned and only slow kids' progress when learning to ride.

Guide Review - KinderBike Laufrad Balance Bike - A Serious Bike for Little Kids

Across Europe kids are leaving the training wheels behind and learning to ride on balance bikes. Balance bikes are generally smaller than regular kids' bikes and they have no pedals. The kids learn balance and agility while pushing it along, Fred Flintstone style. I've tried several balance bikes with my kids but I've never been as impressed as I am with the KinderBike Laufrad bike. This is not a plastic or wooden bike that works for two months before the child outgrows it. The KinderBike Laufrad bike is made from welded steel with rubber tires, a hand brake, reflectors and even a bell. The seat adjusts so the bike grows from 12 inches to 16. It has a lifetime warranty so it will be passed down to many little brothers and sisters!
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