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Top 7 Boys Bikes and Scooters


Buying a bike for your little boy is a tough call. Not only do you care about his safety, but you also want your child to feel and look good on his bike. Apart from the basic safety guidelines like wearing helmets and knee pads which should always be followed, other kids bike safety standards which are related to the design of the bike are also important. Here are the top picks for boy's bikes and scooters which will help you in choosing the best bike for your child.

1. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 2

This classic Cozy Coupe II from Little Tikes has been a very popular ride on kid powered bike for children since decades! This is a safe, sturdy and award winning ride on bike for kids from the ages of 1 1/2 to 5.
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2. Radio Flyer Classic Red 10" Bike

This classic red bike is a super hit with all the young ones upto the age of 3. Complete with chrome fenders and a little silver bell, this is a perfect first bike for any child. Promotes a sense of independance along with being very safe. Removable training wheels , adjustable seat, reflectors are some of the included features. Wheels have real rubber tires, but a word of caution is that there are no brakes.
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3. Huffy Green Machine

Wanna be super cool? Then try this Green Machine from Huffy with steering levers that allow you to take a 360 degree spin! There are dual joysticks for responsive rear wheel steering and 2 extra wide rear tires for stability and easy turns. A word of caution, make sure your child wears a helmet with this bike as it can flip. Ages 7+
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4. 16-inch Boys' Schwinn StingRay Chopper

Be cool all the way! The new Schwinn Boys' Sting-Ray is so popular with the little guys. This bike is designed along the orange county chopper style lines. The chopper theme is re-enforced on the frame as well as the chain guard. Training wheels are included for this 16" bike. A cool saddle style seat completes the look. This item is covered by Schwinn's Lifetime Guarantee. Ages 4-8
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5. 16" Power Rangers Boy's Bike from Huffy

A great boys bike from Huffy with the Power Rangers Theme. Comes with an adjustable seat, removable training wheels, rubber tires, and a cool paint job! Ages 4 - 8

6. Mongoose Override 20" Boys' Freestyle Bike

What an awesome bike! This 20" light and sturdy bike allows you to perform grinds and tricks on the ramp. Made of high tensile steel, with rims of aluminium alloy and super powerfl brakes, this freestyle bike from Mongoose is a great bet!
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7. Razor E200 Electric Scooter

This cool ride can go upto 12 mph! This electric powered all time favorite scooter has upto a 45 minute run time. Comes with 8" pneumatic tires. A word to parents: This is an electric powered vehicle, and is to be used with adult supervision only. Some local and state laws may prohibit the use of these vehicles. Ages 16+
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