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Knotwud Puzzles from Jakks Pacific

Foam Puzzles That Look Like Wood!


The innovative Knotwud puzzles have been designed to look like wood but are actually made of soft foam material. They have several different colored layers of foam to create the effect of wood. I'm sure that this particular method of designing must have taken some thought and cost, and I appreciate the effort from Jakks Pacific. The Knotwud puzzles are ideal for those parents who are concerned that their child is too young for hard wooden toys. The Knotwud puzzles provide an excellent and safer alternative to conventional wooden toys.

Jakks Pacific could easily have screen printed the wooden look on the foam but, by doing so, could potentially create problems for toddlers and preschoolers who would tend to mouth the blocks, and consequently swallow the paint. This way, the foam blocks are much safer.

The Knotwud blocks teach numbers, letters, and shapes and are sure to provide loads of fun to preschoolers everywhere. They are affordably priced at $9.99.

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