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Telling Time Toys - Jaag's Time's Up/Time Out Plush Animals

A Great Way To Learn About Telling Time!


Telling Time Toys - Jaag's Time's Up/Time Out Plush Animals


A great idea and a simple concept - that's what makes this toy so promising. The Time's Up/Time Out plush animals from Jaag are a perfect way to teach your young ones all about telling time and about the concept of time. The adorable plush animals feature a timer in their bellies. This timer can be set by Mom and Dad, and when the time's up, it goes off with a ding!

The Time's Up/Time Out toy can be used for a variety of purposes. For one, it's good way to encourage discipline and to regulate the popular practice of "time out". Also, kids can be taught how to measure time - they can easily understand the concept of when it's time to stop playing, or watching TV etc when the timer goes off. It's far more liable to get results when a cute cuddly stuffed animal tells the kids that it's time to move on to the next activity!

Jaag plush toys are well known in the speciality toys market for their excellent quality, and great designs. They also have a special line of plush animals based on North American wildlife. One of their best sellers is the line of Pillow Pals - pillows with 3 D plush animals built in. Explore more about Jaag at http://www.jaagplush.com.

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