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Cranium's Wonder Works Talking Picture Book

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Cranium's Wonder Works Talking Picture Book

Cranium's Talking Picture Book


The Bottom Line

Cranium's Talking Picture Book is perfect for kids who love to create things - it fosters kid's imaginations and encourages them to create stories using drawings, stickers and their own voices. The Wonder Works Talking Picture Book has 4 re-usable story pages which can be illustrated with dry erase markers and stickers. Also, the electronic book has the capacity to record voices and play back as the story unfolds. Now your kids can create a complete multimedia experience by themselves.


  • Develops kid's imaginations and self-confidence
  • Elements of arts and crafts very nicely combined together
  • Reusability
  • Makes a great travel toy


  • Only 4 pages to work with
  • Story starter ideas may not appeal to all


  • The talking book is good for ages 5 and up
  • Four erasable pages to write stories and draw in
  • Four dry erase markers
  • More than 60 fun stickers
  • Capacity to record and re-record sounds and voices
  • A spinning story starter for great story ideas

Guide Review - Cranium's Wonder Works Talking Picture Book

I remember back in the days when as kids, we used to have story writing sessions in the summer holidays. All of us used to labor over our notebooks and pencils, and create adventures using our imaginations! Nowadays, kids have so many nice toys to help them out! The Cranium Wonder Works Talking Picture Book lets kids create stories with words, drawings, sounds and stickers. Kids will love this neat activity book with lots of accessories included. Whether they do it alone, or together with friends, you'll be surprised at the wonderful end results that your kids can create!

The activity spinner provides lots of story starter ideas for getting started. For example, it may suggest, "Write a story about a magic toy you find in the backyard" or "A Prince and Princess who ride a bike". The electronic part is good too, it lets you record voices and sounds and play them back in time with the story. The dry erase markers are great for writing and drawing. The reusuable stickers provide that "something extra" needed to spice up the stories.

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