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Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera

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The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a kid's digital camera, look no further. Fisher Price, the most trusted brand name in kid's toys and electronics, has introduced the Kid-Tough Digital Camera, a working digital camera meant exclusively for kids. The digital camera is a breeze for kids to use, and most preschoolers can figure it out with ease. The functions are very basic and non-complicated. The kid's digital camera is housed in a colorful protective shell which makes it difficult to destroy easily!


  • This kid's digital camera is rough and tough
  • The function buttons on the camera are very simple and easy to use
  • Kids will love the full featured digital camera
  • This kid's digital camera is great for kids as young as preschoolers too


  • Just the basic features are present in the kid's digital camera
  • Batteries not included
  • The price tag is a little steep


  • The kid safe digital camera comes in either pink or blue
  • The kid's digital camera is very durable, and resistant to scratching or dropping
  • The camera has a 1.3" backlit screen for previewing pictures
  • The digital camera has 640x480 resolution for 4 x 6 prints
  • The kid's digital camera has 8 MB built in memory
  • An SD card slot is present for storing extra pictures
  • USB cord included for connecting to computer
  • Digital camera software included

Guide Review - Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera

The Kid-Tough Digital Camera is a new product from Fisher Price, which is well known for it's quality toys for kids. This time around, Fisher Price has launched an innovative kid's digital camera designed so well that it's safe for even preschoolers to use! The Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera is a real digital camera, yes, a kid's digital camera which actually works very well. The digital camera is housed in a kid safe and durable shell, and has the simplest of functions which kids will find very easy to use.

The Kid-Tough digital camera is housed in either a pink or a blue shell which is rugged and designed to avoid damage through dropping or rough use. Easy side handle grips make it easy for kid's little hands to hold the digital camera. This kid's digital camera is simple, and yet includes all the necessary features to make it fully functional. There are basic buttons on the back for navigation through the pictures, and for deleting pictures. The buttons are easy to press, and little kids shouldn't find it too difficult to get the hang of using this digital camera.

Overall, the Kid-Tough Digital Camera is a great first digital camera for your kids. Kids will love snapping pictures and instantly previewing them on the backlit screen. It's a little expensive, but a good buy for those looking for a kid friendly digital camera.

User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Fisher Price Digital Camera, Member rwin2007

Fisher Price Digital Cameras are so simply for children to use. You simply press the button, grab the big rubber handles, look through the viewer windows, and press the shutter button. It really is simply enough for a child to understand, and is a wonderful way to give them confidence in using high tech devices. See more about this digital camera at: http://www.fisher-price-toy.com/fisherpricetoy/2007/10/29/fisher-price-digital-camera/

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