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Telestory Electronic Storybook from Jakks Pacific

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Telestory Electronic Storybook Reader

Telestory Electronic Storybook Reader

Jakks Pacific

The Bottom Line

Telestory from Jakks Pacific is the latest in the line of electronic storybooks for kids. The good thing about the Telestory is it's handy size. It's easy to use, and requires only a TV set for operation. It's a good reading companion, encouraging kids to read on their own. On the flip side, the Telestory unit isn't too interactive. The animations on each page of the story are minimal. Overall, the Telestory is a good buy if you're looking for a reading tool which will keep your child busy.
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  • Nice compact size
  • Requires only a TV, not a DVD player
  • Encourages child to read
  • Headphone jack for easy in car use


  • Not very interactive
  • Animations not too effective
  • Good for a limited age group only


  • Telestory attaches to the TV using 2 wires
  • The Telestory unit has easy to use buttons
  • The Telestory unit runs on batteries
  • The unit comes preloaded with either a Spongebob or Dora cartridge
  • Additional cartridges can be purchased separately

Guide Review - Telestory Electronic Storybook from Jakks Pacific

The nice thing about the Telestory unit is the handy size - it's not too big or bulky. The Telestory attaches easily via 2 wires to your TV set. The unit comes preloaded with either a Spongebob or a Dora the Explorer cartridge, each with 2 stories.

Once the unit is attached to your TV, kids can easily navigate through the menu using 4 big colored buttons, and a forward/backward button. There is also a scrolling wheel.

The Telestory offers the option of reading the stories to the kids, or lets them read by themselves. The unit guides the kids through the stories one page at a time, and presents a few animation effects on each page of the story which are activated by pressing a few buttons. As the story is read along, each word is highlighted on the TV screen, which is helpful for the kids to recognize words. If kids choose to read the book by themselves, they can ask for help by selecting the word and pressing down on the scrolling wheel.

The Telestory unit is very easy to use, and little kids who are just learning how to read can operate it by themselves. It's not too complicated, and the functionality is very basic. In a way, it concentrates more on reading itself, rather than incorporate any fancy electronic effects which one usually sees in most electronic story book readers nowadays. However, for kids who are looking for something more challenging will not be too excited by the Telestory. Overall, the Telestory is a decent buy for kids who are learning how to read.

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