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Tower Pounding Toy from Plan Toys

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The Bottom Line

I'm very happy to say that all the toys from Plan Toys I've had the opportunity to test out have been both eco friendly as well as practical for the kids. The superb toy design as well as the high quality standards established by Plan Toys makes this line of toys a must buy for all parents who wish for truly green toys for their kids.

That said, I absolutely loved the Tower Pounding toy from Plan Toys. My little one loves to pound and he took a real fancy for this colorful wooden pounding toy. He started pounding and was quite fascinated when the ball actually began to move and then roll down the ramp.

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  • Tower Pounding from Plan Toys is eco friendly and safe
  • The tower pounding action works very smoothly
  • Kids never tire of the pounding and rolling actions
  • Great for


  • Expensive, but worth the money for the safeness of this toy


  • Quality wooden construction
  • Fun wooden pounding action
  • Tower Pounding retails for $35.00

Guide Review - Tower Pounding Toy from Plan Toys

I've come across many toys in the recent past which are eco-friendly all right, but really don't have too much actual play value for the kids. It's all fine to market an eco friendly toy, but at the end of it all, the true test is when we as consumers enjoy the toy and play with it over and over again. So, I was happy to find that the toys from Plan Toys are educational, practical and eco-friendly all at the same time. The pint sized toy testers loved testing out this Tower Pounding wooden toy from Plan Toys.

Before I start on the actual pounding toy, let me mention that Plan Toys is 100% eco friendly right from the materials used in the actual toys upto the soy ink used on their packaging. Plan Toys uses only replenishable rubberwood for their high quality certified wooden toy manufacturing process. That said, Plan Toys makes practical and very usable toys which are educational, fun and above all, safe, for your kids.

The Tower Pounding toy is colorful and made of thick, naturally finished rubberwood. The construction is sturdy, which is what one would expect out of a pounding toy. The paints used in this toy are all non-toxic, in bright primary colors of blue, red, green and yellow.

The Tower Pounding toy is all ready to go - no pieces to be nailed in. There is a wooden hammer, a piece which fits onto a wooden knob at the base of the tower and 2 red colored balls. The object of this toy is to use the hammer to pound the smaller ball into the wooden plank. This provides leverage so that the bigger ball is raised up and can begin to roll down the ramp.

It was a lot of fun, albeit noisy fun, to watch the little kids try this tower pounding toy out. The action never stopped and they kept going at it again and again. Overall, the Tower Pounding toy from Plan Toys was a big hit.

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