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LeapFrog Toys

Great Educational Toys for Kids


LeapFrog toys has focused on developing some outstanding educational toys for kids of all ages. This is a list of some of my most favorite infant toys, toddler toys and preschool toys from LeapFrog toys.

1. Leap Frog LeapPad Explorer

LeapFrog LeapPad
©Leap Frog

This new device that is highly sought after, takes the educational content of the Leapster Explorer and expands it into a touchscreen tablet, uniquely designed for children ages 4-9. A stylus is also included, but depending on the game children are playing, they can touch the screen with their finger or tilt it back and forth or side to side just like their parent's device. Aside from still being able to utilize the Leapster Explorer game cartridges, additional apps can be downloaded online. This device has additional apps that promote drawing, is an e-reader and includes an on-board camera that takes still pictures and video. Want to expose your child to an educational toy that is durable, but similar to your device? The LeapPad is an excellent educational toy that is great for travel.

2. Leap Frog Leapster Explorer

©Leap Frog

For several years, the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer is a popular handheld gaming device that is full of educational content. Using toggle buttons similar to an older child's video game system, or a pen stylus, children are engaged in activities that continue to encourage math skills, reading, problem solving and visual skills. Additional apps can be downloaded online from the Leap Frog Connect site, or cartridges with familiar children's characters can be purchased in retail stores. With an audio jack, this is also a fun travel toy for school aged children.

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3. Leap Frog TAG Reading System

Leap Frog Tag Reader
©Leap Frog

This toy, is similar to the TAG Jr. Book Pal, but geared for older children learning to read that are within the ages 4 and up. After downloading the audio information the pen stylus using the Leap Frog Connect website for books that you have purchased, children can place the stylus on the words or pictures. The reader is intuitive to read words, read the entire story, provide unique audio when touching pictures and even engages children in reading comprehension and vocabulary development in a game format. This toy is great for travel and fits easily in a backpack for storage.

4. Leap Frog TAG Jr. Book Pal

TAG Junior photo

Board books will come to life with the TAG Junior book pal. Simply download the audio for the TAG Jr. books you have purchased for free via the included USB cord from the LeapFrog Connect website, then place the book pal device on the board book. The book pal can read words, provide silly audio responses, and ask children questions about the story or pictures on the page. This is a great way to help young toddlers and preschool aged children to explore books in a unique way.

5. Leap Frog Peek-A-Shoe

Peek-A-Shoe Octopus
©PriceGrabber / ©Leap Frog

This infant and toddler toy encourages children to place multi-colored balls inside the octopus which is great for developing fine motor control and coordination with their small fingers. However, it also teaches problem solving as children will search underneath the various shoes, looking for the hidden ball. Aside from playing a few songs, this toy also exposes children to color words, numbers and the skill of basic counting.

6. Leap Frog My Discovery House

Leap Frog My Discovery House
©Leap Frog

This adorable toy for infants and toddlers teaches young children fine motor skills to open doors, turn on/off light switches, push buttons and move various levers. In addition to the fine motor experiences, the toy will teach children a multitude of vocabulary words, teach rhymes, promote opposites, and encourage young kids to follow simple directions.

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