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Top 5 Kid's Karaoke Machines and Accessories


Kids love to hear themselves sing no matter what age they are. It's so much fun to watch and hear a bunch of kids singing away to glory on a karaoke machine. Here's a selection of good kid's karaoke machines and accessories that are sure to be a hit. 

1. Hello Kitty Kid's Karaoke CD System

Hello Kitty fans will be delighted to see this wonderful CD Karaoke system. This kid's karaoke system comes with 2 microphones, so it's double the fun. There are 2 speakers for better sound effects. The digital CD system runs on 6 C batteries not included.

2. Nick Junior Kid's Karaoke Sing-Along Songs CD Vol 1

This accompanying kid's karaoke CD can be used on any karaoke machine. Kids will love singing along to the tunes from Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, Wild Thornberries and more.

3. Sakar Cyber Gear Portable Karaoke Player

This kid's karaoke player is both reasonable and dependable. The Sakar Cybergear Karaoke player comes with a hands free microphone. You can listen and sing along to all your favorite karaoke tunes! Comes with an AM/FM radio and also has a record function. Ages 5 and up.

4. Fisher Price Star Station Entertainment System

The Fisher Price Star Station Entertainment System is much more than a kid's karaoke system! Kids will love this fun filled system which offers a library of more than 75 Kidz Bop songs to choose from. The unit plugs right into a TV, and kids can change the effects on the screen with buttons provided on the microphone.

5. LeadSinger LS-3700 All-in-One Microphone Karaoke System

This unique karaoke system consists of just a microphone with features built in! Portable, easy to use and very convenient, this karaoke system is a great buy. You can connect it to a TV or stereo system. Lyrics of 300 built in songs appear on the screen.
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