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Top 10 Play Kitchens


In my annual roundup of the top ten play kitchens, I had a tough time deciding which ones to pick and how to rank them - the competition between the various play kitchens was fierce. Each play kitchen has it's own speciality! I was pretty amazed at the wide range of play kitchens to choose from - there are wooden play kitchens, island type play kitchens, play kitchens with grills and many more play kitchens. Here's what I came up with.

1. Step 2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen

Step 2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen
Step 2
Imagine today's modern kitchen: stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, a modern faucet with a pull-out sprayer, lots of cabinets and storage areas. Step 2 has tried to replicate this look with the Lifestyle Dream Kitchen. This play kitchen requires minimal assembly and is sure to be a hit with your budding young chefs.
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2. KidKraft Large Wood Toy Kitchen

KidKraft Large Wood Toy Kitchen
Many mothers are partial to wooden toys simply because they last and last and last! The KidKraft Wood Toy Kitchen has real wood cabinets. This play kitchen comes in lovely pastel shades of pleasing pink, yellow, and blue. This product has a lot of minute details such as the real working knobs used to turn on the oven. The only gripe with this pretty play kitchen is that there is no pretend play food or dishes included. Nevertheless, the great quality more than makes up for this omission.
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3. KidKraft Play Kitchen - Island Kitchen Primary

KidKraft Play Kitchen - Island Kitchen Primary
Another great product from KidKraft! This pastel play kitchen has been modelled along the lines of an island kitchen. If you have two or more budding chefs, they can work on either side of the kitchen, performing their designated chores. And chores and activities there are aplenty - a washing machine, cooking range, microwave, and gas burners. This play kitchen will fit right into any little girl's play room!
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4. Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer: Dora's Talking Kitchen

Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer: Dora's Talking Kitchen
Does your child have to have every possible Dora toy?? Well, here's another lovely Dora toy to add to their collection - Dora's Talking Kitchen. It's also perfect for those mothers who can't spare the space or just want a smaller kitchen for their little ones. A cool feature of this pretend play kitchen is the recipe card option. After inserting it and pressing the Map button, the recipe card recites the entire list of ingredients. Furthermore, a kid-sized Dora doll is included to provide great company to the little chefs.
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5. Little Tikes Side by Side Kitchen

Little Tikes Side by Side Kitchen
Little Tikes
This Little Tikes play kitchen is smaller in size and designed for simultaneous side by side play for two kids. Along with a cooking range, oven, sink, and refrigerator, this play kitchen even has a towel bar equipped with a real towel. This adorable feature adds that special touch to the play kitchen. Side by side, the affordable price really adds to the appeal of this play kitchen.
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6. KidKraft Grill and Bake Kitchen

Are you looking for a play kitchen which is completely different from the usual ones and yet not too expensive? Look no further - the KidKraft Grill and Bake Kitchen is the one! The focal point of this play kitchen is a red colored realistic looking grill. The freezer, including a water/ice dispenser, is also one of the main features of this play kitchen. Made of solid wood and MDF, this kitchen is sure to last forever, or atleast until your child outgrows it.

7. Little Tikes Discover Sounds Kitchen

Little Tikes Discover Sounds Kitchen
Little Tikes
Upto this point, you've seen play kitchens meant for kids aged 3 & up. But, voila, here's a kitchen for toddlers as well - the Little Tikes Discover Sounds Kitchen. This play kitchen features differently shaped foods that make sounds when you place them in the right spots. It even features a pop up toaster which makes a sound when your "bread" is done toasting. To add to it all, this is the lowest priced kitchen in our list. Now, how cool is that?
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8. Little Tikes Inside/Outside Cook n Grill Kitchen

Little Tikes Inside/Outside Cook n Grill Kitchen
Little Tikes
It's a play kitchen.. no wait, it's an outdoor grill too! This 2 sided play kitchen provides double the fun with the wonderful dual play environment. One of the highlights of this play kitchen is the disappearing coffee in the coffeepot! There's a magnetic fridge door, a large sink with a faucet, an oven and a dishwasher. On the other side, you'll find a total transformation - a stone patio, a real fabric canopy and a picnic table and bench. Very different indeed!
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9. Little Tikes Electronic Home Kitchen

As the name implies, this is a highly interactive electronic play kitchen which features over 40 different sounds and words. A feature of this play kitchen is the openable window through which a second child can play with the interactive appliances from the other side. Appliances even recognize different foods.
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10. Guidecraft Complete Kitchen Center

Guidecraft Complete Kitchen Center
This is THE kitchen to buy if you want the very best for your child and price is not an issue. Take a look at Guidecraft's wooden Kitchen Center. It comes with a microwave, an oven, a cooking range, a sink, and a dishwasher. What's more, the dishwasher has a removable plate rack. Aside from lots of storage space and great looks, it also features a write-on wipe-off board just like the real one on your refrigerator door. Be sure to check this play kitchen out for all the cool accessories which are included.
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