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Top 5 Educational and Learning Toys For Babies And Children


Give your baby a headstart with these popular educational toys for children. Young children need stimulation to grow and develop, and these educational toys are perfect to jumpstart your child's education. Start your baby off early with these great learning toys which will both entertain and educate. Here are some of the most popular educational toys and learning toys for Babies and Toddlers.

1. LeapStart Learning Table from Leap Frog

The LeapStart Learning Table from LeapFrog is an activity table filled with lots and lots of fun activities for your toddler! This is a great educational toy which your child will enjoy. There are 2 modes, a music mode and a learning mode both of which cause the numerous buttons and gadgets on the table to produce a different output. There is a book which teaches the alphabet, a music keyboard which teaches the colors, the trademark frog and much more!
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2. Laugh and Learn Home from Fisher Price

The award winning Laugh and Learn Home from Fisher Price, a leader in young children's educational toys, is a must buy for your child. It is many things combined into one, and well worth every penny. Your child will love this right from 6 months right till he/she is older. Teaches basic as well as advanced things in a fun filled manner. This educational toy comes highly recommended.

3. Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set by Leap Frog

This great educational toy features a set of interactive magnets in the shape of alphabets and a magnetic letter reader, all of which attach to your fridge. It teaches kids the letters, phonics and sings an alphabet song. This learning toy is a great way to keep the kids busy while at the same time teaches them their ABC’s. Kids don’t feel like they are learning, but rather playing. This toy is educational and fun at the same time.
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4. Leap Frog Learning Drum

This learning drum as the name suggests, is a great cause and effect toy. Your baby bangs on the drum and the drum plays music, or recites the alphabet or numbers in response to your baby’s beats. The interactive voice encourages the baby to hit the drum and the surface of the drum displays numbers or letters. You can change the settings to ABC, 123, Interactive Song, or Follow the Beat. This educational toy is very easy to operate and a good toy to keep your baby occupied.
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5. Little People Discovery Village

From Fisher Price: "Discovery Village is a very busy place where things are always moving-even the roadway and sidewalk! Kids can discover the familiar sights and sounds of their own community-school, the market and the town square. Press on the cash register to hear the "Muffin Man" song! Press on the desk to hear the "A-B-C" song! Fun actions and sounds all around town, including creating their own concerts in the town square". This is a great educational toy for your child.
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