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Top 3 Polly Pocket Toys and Games


Polly Pocket, the mini sized doll by Mattel, is very popular among the young girls. It's great fun to play with Polly Pocket, her friends and all the little accessories included. This season, there have been some great Polly Pocket toys released, including the Polly Pocket Styling Sticker Maker, the Polly Pocket Pollywood Limo, and the Polly Pocket Bubble-tastic Lamp. Here are some of the season's latest Polly Pocket toys and games from Mattel.

1. Polly Pocket Stylin' Sticker Maker

The Polly Pocket Stylin' Sticker Maker from Mattel is a great idea! In vibrant colors of green and purple, this handy little sticker maker features a movable Polly Pocket figure sitting right on top of the gadget. It's pretty easy to use - just insert the cartridge, feed in the picture roll, and turn a knob. The finished stickers come right out, covered with a plastic sheet which needs to be peeled off to expose the stickers.

2. Polly Pocket Pollywood Limo-Scene Vehicle

This colorful limo comes loaded with accessories for the included Polly Pocket doll. The limo is no ordinary ride, it sure is different! Place the Polly Pocket doll (sans clothing) into the driver's seat, load up the fashions into their slot, and roll the vehicle along. Voila, the doll emerges from the back of the limo fully dressed! It's a novel idea, and young kids will really enjoy toying around with the Polly Pocket doll and her magnetic accessories.
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3. Polly Pocket Bubble-Tastic Lamp

Among all the Polly Pocket products that I reviewed, I found this one the best. It's a lovely lamp with four color options to suit your mood. The lamp can be customized by inserting your favorite Polly Pocket figures and the sea animals included. Beautiful bubbles and the colored lighting add a soothing effect. The Polly Pocket Bubble-tastic lamp is a great addition to any little Polly Pocket fan's room. The lamp runs on electricity.
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