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Electronic Test Tube Alien from 4 Kidz


Electronic Test Tube Alien from 4Kidz:

Alien fans, red alert! Here's a fascinating product from 4Kidz - An Electronic Test Tube Alien. The test tube alien comes to us in a chrysalis device, and must be nutured and looked after in order for it to become an adult alien. So, what's the buzz all about? The test tube alien is also electronically configured, and can interact wirelessly with your home PC and it's home base - the test tube aliens website at link url=http://www.testtubealiens.com]http://www.testtubealiens.com.

Electronic Test Tube Alien - What's to be done?:

Well, first you have to add water to the chrysalis. The alien then hatches out of the protective cover, and you can actually watch it's little heart beat(or rather flash).Different colors mean different things. Red means that your little test tube alien is doing well. Green means ,"watch out, it's drowning". And orange sends a signal that it's hungry.

Electronic Test Tube Alien - How To Look After Your Alien:

Well, if you look after your test tube alien well, it can grow to almost 8 times it's initial size. Feed it some special "sloog"(nutrient rich slime - yum!) when it's hungry, and keep it in light and darkness for approximately equal times of the day.

Electronic Test Tube Alien - Monitor it's Progress:

The coolest thing about the little alien is that you can actually monitor it's progress online. I don't know how they did this, but if you register your alien online at http://www.testtubealiens.com, you can actually see it's age, life status and health. When you hold it close to your PC screen, you can see flashing messages. It's a pretty cool website actually.

Electronic Test Tube Alien - Where to Buy:

You can buy the electronic test tube aliens at most mass market retailers like Target, Walmart etc for a MSRP of $15.00. There are a total of 6 aliens - some good and some bad. Collect them all!
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