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Amazing Spider-Man Toys

Spiderman Figures and Toys from the Newly Released Movie


11. Squinkies Marvel Universe Spider-Man Dispenser - Blip Toys

Squinkies Marvel Universe Spider-Man Dispenser - Blip Toys
©Blip Toys

Squinkies are small action figures that live inside plastic bubbles. These bubbles are can be stored in this Spider-Man dispenser. Insert the magic coin into the dispenser and turn the spider to remove your Squinkies. Holds up to 20 Squinkies. Recommended for kids ages 4-6.

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12. Spider-Man Techbot - Mega Bloks

spider-man techbot megabloks

This set includes 46 pices to create a 10-inch Spider-Man that is fully posable and includes a disc launcher. This character also includes a wrist-mounted web launcher for Spider-Man that functionally fires.

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13. Lizard Techbot - Mega Bloks

Amazing Spider-man lizard techbot megabloks

Use the 44 included pieces that transform into a 10-inch fully poseable Lizard techbot. Recommended for kids ages 6 and up.

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14. Amazing Spider-Man Hero FX Mask

Amazing Spider-Man Hero FX Mask

This role-play mask has web-slinging sounds and light-up Spider Sense eyes with 10 different Spider-Man phrases.

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15. Amazing Spider-Man Lizard Mask

Amazing Spider-man The Lizard mask hasbro

In order to engage in a great role-play battle with Spider-Man, someone needs to be the Lizard! This mask is recommended for kids ages 5 up to adulthood. This mask has a cushioned eye piece.

16. Spider-Man Speeder - Mega Bloks

Spider-Man Speeder - Mega Bloks

Recommended for ages 6 and up, using Mega-Bloks kids can create Spider-Man and his roadster. 80 pieces are included.

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17. Sewer Lab Ambush - Mega Bloks

Amazing Spider-Man Sewer Lab Ambush MegaBloks

This is an underground laboratory featured in the movie that includes a hidden trap. Spider-Man can swing down the working zip-line, while Lizard tries to escape. The set includes both Spider-Man and Lizard action figures. It is recommended for kids ages 6 and up and includes 247 pieces.

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18. Bridge Showdown - Mega Bloks

Amazing Spider-Man Bridge Showdown MegaBloks

This set is unique because it includes both Spider-Man and Lizard figures. There are 250 pieces and chlidren will construct Spider-Man's jeep and Lizard's Attack Walker.

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19. Flip-Out Stunt Buggy with Spider-Man - Playskool

Flip Out Stunt Buggy Playskool Heroes Hasbro

This buggy performs a forward stunt roll and the continues. The Spider-Man attaches to the roof and is recommended for kids ages 3 and up. Kids can pull the vehicle back and it will zoom forward when released. There are other vehicles in this line that include a plane and helicopter.

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20. Mr. Potato Head The Amazing Spider Spud - Hasbro

Mr. Potato Head The Amazing Spider Spud - Hasbro

Recommended for kids ages 2 and up, this is the Mr. Potato Head version of Spider-Man. It's a great way to include younger children to engage in Spider-Man play, or as another action figure to add to your collection.

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