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Outdoor play is so necessary for kids to grow and develop! Check out the most popular sports and outdoor play for kids. Includes top picks for pools, bouncehouses, swing and slide sets, bikes, scooters, water toys and much more!
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Camping Supplies and Toys for Kids
Instead of having the kids pack up all sorts of toys on a camping trip, these items are great camping supplies and toys designed especially with kids in mind. They will not only allow them to explore their surroundings with functional, useful items but they can double as a back-up in case of emergency.

BoomCo Blasters
BoomCo blaster toys from Mattel use plastic darts with specially designed tips that only adhere to certain targets given their self-stick technology. BoomCo is the newest NERF blaster rival.

Water Balloon Games
If you are planning any water balloon games for family outings, school field day or birthday parties, make sure to add a water balloon filler and Zorbz self-sealing water balloons to your list.

Wagons for Kids
The Radio Flyer Build-A-Wagon allows families to customize and build their own wagon with a canopy, seat cushion, nameplate and fabric.

Outdoor Toys and Activities for Toddlers
There are a variety of fun outdoor toys and activities available for toddlers, or children mainly in the 18 months - 3 year old age range, which allow kids to use their imagination and physical motor skills.

Kinderfeets Kids Balance Bike Review
Many kids enjoy riding bicycles, ride-on toys and scooters. Toys like the Kinderfeets balance bike are becoming increasingly popular, so children can learn to eventually ride a standard bike, without ever needing to use training wheels.

YGlider: 3 Wheeled Scooter for Kids
Younger children enjoy ride-on toys and bicycles, while traditional scooters have been popular amongst older kids that have well developed balance and control. 3 wheeled scooters, like the YGlider, are fantastic for toddlers and preschool aged children, because of their stable design.

Mobo Mini Cruiser: A Three Wheeled Bicycle for Kids
The Mobo Mini Cruiser is a fun, fashionable and high quality three wheeled bicycle for kids. After seeing how unique and cool this bike is, on-lookers are sure to be searching the internet for their own adult tricycle.

While the summer olympics are here again, these are some great summer...
The summer olympics are here. These are some great summer olympics toys for kids to consider if your child is inspired by the spirit of the games to get outside and be active. Toys in this list are inspired by the olympic sports of archery, badminton, basketball, boxing, cycling, gymnastics, kayaking, ping pong, football (soccer), and tennis....

Outdoor Toys
During the year, whether you are a family that enjoys warm weather or cold weather, there are a lot of fantastic outdoor play experiences that children will enjoy participating in. Whether you are an active family that seeks the thrill of snow sports or have children and adults who love to design and create, this is a list of outdoor toys and...

Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk Kits
Chalk City is a fun, new outdoor toy that is great for children that allows them to quickly make roadways and obstacle courses in minutes on the pavement with sidewalk chalk. Included are templates that children can color in that will allow children to design intricate cities with roadway signs.

4th of July Activities for Kids
Many people during this national holiday attend cookouts, parties and fireworks displays. These are some fun toys that will make great 4th of July activities for kids whether they are passing the time waiting for the big fireworks displays or looking for something fun to do with their friends and family members at a cookout.

Bubbles for Kids
Bubbles for kids are not simply a wand and bubble solution any longer. Companies like Little Kids, Gazillion and Imperial Toys have created a variety of bubble toys that include unique wands, playsets, blasters, and kids bubble machines. Bubbles are a perfect outdoor toy for kids.

YBike Review
The YBike is a balance bike for kids, recommended for young preschool aged children between the ages of 2-4. It’s long, durable plastic design, allows young children the opportunity to maneuver a ride-on toy that helps to develop their balance and ability to shift their weight from side to side, which is a great pre-requisite skill for a pedaled...

YBike Pewi Ride-On Toy
The YBike Pewi is one of my favorite toys for infants that can be bought when a child is learning to walk, but is a great toddler bike that provides a lot of fun and excitement as a ride-on toy with 2-3 year olds.

Snow Toys
For those of you who enjoy being outside in the snow and inclement weather, there are a variety of snow toys available for kids and adults to enjoy together. Included in this list are some great outdoor toys the entire family will enjoy such as snow sleds, snow tubes, snow shoes, and some all-around great snow gear for kids

NERF Toys & Accessories
NERF toys are very for kids typically 8-years-old and up. These are blaster toys, that shoot different types of ammunition, depending on the individual blaster. Some models, such as the NERF N-STRIKE blasters, shoot foam darts and whistling darts. NERF toys part of the DART TAG series include darts with velcro on the end so they can adhere to...

Fun, Water Toys and Games
Here is a great list of fun, outside water toys and games, that kids will love playing with in warm weather months.

Fun With Bubbles - Bubble Toys
Bubbles are a great way to liven up a hot summer's day. Kids love bubbles and bubble blowing toys. Bubble toys have become more sophisticated nowadays, with no spill bubble sets gaining in popularity. Bubble toys are an inexpensive way to have lots of fun. Blowing bubbles can keep children occupied for hours on end. Take a look at the various bubble blowing toys that provide a new twist on bubble blowing!

Yackle Ball
The Yackle Ball is a brand new invention which has been making waves lately. What is the Yackle Ball, exactly? Well, it is a ball alright, as the name suggests. The secret lies in the unique "X" shape of the ball. The manufacturers say that you can throw the Yackle Ball higher and longer than conventional balls and also catch better. Find out what the fuss is all about in this review of the Yackle Ball.

Flex Blaster Water Gun from Kid Galaxy
Here's a water gun with a twist. The Flex Blaster from Kid Galaxy is a brightly colored green and purple water gun with a personality of it's own! It features unique eyeball shooters which you can aim and shoot streams of water as far as upto 30 feet. Read all about the review of the Flex Blaster from Kid Galaxy.

Snow Toys
Snowy white winters are so much more fun when your kids have the right snow toys to play with! Snow toys include snow mobiles, snowboards, sleds and other great snow games and toys. Here's a collection of the best snow toys that your kids will really enjoy.

Water Toys For Your Kids - Read Reviews And Compare Prices
Read reviews of the Best Water Toys for your kids. Kids love playing with water toys especially in the hot summer. Compare prices, read reviews and pick the best water toys that your kids will really enjoy. These water toys are handpicked by your guide to Toys at About.com

Backyard Summer Fun With Your Kids - Toys, Pools, Games and more!
Here's how you can provide your kids with the maximum summer fun in your own backyard! Your kids can have loads of summer fun in your backyard with these cool backyard toys, pools, games and more. Read on and let the Summer Fun begin!

Best Swimming Pool Toys And Top Kids Pool Toys
Splash around in the pool on a hot summer's day, and have loads of fun with these swimming pool toys. Kids love playing with these pool toys for hours! A perfect way to beat the summer heat and cool down is to splash around in the pool with these pool toys.

Top Swimming Pools For The Summer
Beat the Heat with these ultra cool swimming pools for your backyard. Here's a list of the top easy to set up swimming pools for your kids to have fun in your very own backyard in the summer.

Top 10 Kid's Outdoor Toys For Your Backyard
Long summer days seem endless at times! Keep your kids busy and entertained in your own backyard with these popular Outdoor Toys. Easy to use and fun to play with, these outdoor toys can be easily set up in your backyard. Your kids will get some fresh air and exercise, as well as have a great time playing outdoors with these great Outdoor Toys.

Top Activity Toys For Children
Children need to be active. Sedentry lifestyles are not good for children in the long run, especially after a long winter spent mostly indoors. Here is a list of the Top Activity Toys for kids which are great to get your child up and running and having some serious fun.

Top Picks for Kids Outdoor Swings, Slides and Climbers
Outdoor play is very essential for your kids. If you are looking for something durable, and safe for your kids to play with in your yard, then check out this list of the most popular swings, slides and climbers for kids.

Top Picks for Playhouses and Playtents
Are you looking for a playhouse or a playtent for your kids? Do you want something tried and tested before you spend all that money? Then read on! Here is a list of the best picks for playhouses and playtents available in the stores today.

Kid Safety In Your Backyard
Did you know there are many hidden hazards in your own backyard which hamper kid safety? Read these top Kid Safety Tips and protect your child while playing in your backyard. It is essential to impose kid safety restrictions while playing outdoors.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips
Swimming Pool Safety is very important to prevent accidents from occuring. These basic pool safety tips are a must read for all parents with pools in the backyard, or with children who go swimming elsewhere. Protect your child against drowning with these simple swimming pool safety tips.

Banzai Crocodile Isle Adventure Pool
Banzai Crocodile Isle Adventure Pool - Inflatable Pool from Banzai

The Best New Outdoor Toys
Kids love outdoor toys and they are great for getting kids off the couch, away from the TV and outside moving around. Some of the best new outdoor toys include multiple uses, portability and great storage options. Disclosure: Review samples were provided by some of the manufacturers. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

Summer Activities for Kids
During school vacation over the summer months, these are some fun summer activities for kids that can help to pass the time throughout the day.

Banzai Bumper Boat
The Banzai Bumper Boat brings inflatable pool toys to the next level of fun and excitement with its ability to allow kids to drive an inflatable boat while blasting water up to 20 feet.

Bike Helmets for Kids
May is National Bike Helmet Safety Month. Whether your child is riding a bicycle, ride-on toy, or scooter, bike helmets for kids are a must for their safety and to prevent brain injury from a fall or traumatic event.

Sky Bouncer: Bouncing Ball or Frisbee?
The Sky Bouncer from Maui Toys may have people wondering, is it a bouncing ball or frisbee? It's actually both! The Sky Bouncer can be used like a frisbee, but it is also capable of bouncing 25 feet in the air for a unique outdoor play experience.

What are Balance Bikes for Kids?
If you've been outside and around the park lately, you might have wondered about a unique bike that doesn't have pedals. So, what are balance bikes for kids, and why are they useful?

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