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Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk Kits

Create Roadways & Obstacle Courses in Minutes

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Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk
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Chalk City is a fun, new outdoor toy that is great for children that allows them to quickly make roadways and obstacle courses in minutes on the pavement with sidewalk chalk. Included are templates that children can color in that will allow children to design intricate cities with roadway signs as well as enhance outdoor physical play by promoting active skills through obstacle courses.

Kit Includes

- Chalk City Roadmaker is a tool that easily unfolds and holds two pieces of sidewalk chalk that when pushed or pulled it makes even roadways for ride-on toys, bikes and scooters

- 3 Roadway signs are square templates children color in to add directional arrows, stop signs, and detour (right and left) signs to their city

- 3 Obstacle course stencils are round templates children color in to create outdoor obstacle courses that include jumping jacks, hop both feet, spin right/left, hop left foot/right foot

- All items are stored inside mesh bags, 1 bag for the Roadmaker, 1 bag for the roadway signs, and an additional bag for the obstacle course stencils

- Several pieces of red, yellow and orange sidewalk chalk are included

My Review

The Roadmaker tool is a lightweight metal item that has two legs that easily unfold on both sides. 1 piece of sidewalk chalk is easily pushed into the 2 holders. Then by simply pushing or pulling while walking on the paved surface, an evenly spaced roadway is created. Within seconds we made 1 big circle for my toddler to use with his ride-on toys.

The Roadway Signs include 3 different templates that will allow children to make directional changes and stop signs to accompany their paths. The templates are again lightweight, but very durable. The child or adult colors in the markings and the final product is sharp and easy to identify.

The Obstacle Course stencils are great for older children who can follow more complicated instructions. Jumping jacks are challenging for even early elementary school aged children, but young preschool aged children (3-5) can understand jumping with 2 feet from space to space. You may need to get a sense of what your children can do skill wise before creating something in case it's too difficult for them to have success with right away. Make it easier and work to more complicated, but you have to get their interest and participation without it being too hard in the beginning.

Aside from the physical benefits of this type of outdoor play, what I love about these Chalk City tools is that they allow young children the ability to control the design using tools that they can easily manage without a lot of adult assistance. As long as a child can scribble with a piece of chalk in a defined area, they will be able to fill in one of the templates. Though parents and older siblings may need to help control the design process, there are activities that all children can do in this kit that will allow them to expand their imagination and work cooperatively with their parents, siblings and friends while getting the physical activity their young bodies need. This kit provides some structure to outdoor play which in my opinion kids need to keep them interested, but it provides so many options for variability when children are older and is a great long-term toy investment, because of the way it will grow with children over time.

I love visuals and instructions. I rely on them frequently, because creativity with these types of open-ended play experiences is honestly not my strong point. The Chalk City website is a great resource and has dozens of great ideas for parents and kids to get them started in creating games, roadways and cities. This same information is provided in an instruction booklet included in the kit so you can get started immediately.

With warmer weather we spend more time outside riding bikes in our family getting physical activity. Physical activity for my son is a necessity, and part of just who he is. He was genetically made to be constantly on the go, he just loves being outside exploring the yard and running more than I ever thought 2 toddler feet could travel. So toys that keep outdoor play fun and novel are a must for our lifestyle.

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