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Sky Bouncer: Bouncing Ball or Frisbee?

Unique Outdoor Toy Experience

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Sky Bouncer
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The Sky Bouncer from Maui Toys may have people wondering, is it a bouncing ball or frisbee? It's actually both! The Sky Bouncer can be used like a frisbee, but it is also capable of bouncing 25 feet in the air for a unique outdoor play experience.

What is Sky Bouncer?

Sky Bouncer is a durable circular disc, filled with air, shaped like a frisbee, but much thicker. Sky Bouncer retails for $12.99 and can be purchased in a variety of colors that include green, red, orange, blue and yellow.

Sky Bouncer can be utilized like a frisbee, but what I like most about it, is that for younger children who are learning to master the art of throwing it sideways, it actually makes it easier to catch because it's larger than a traditional frisbee and not as finicky. I've had a lot of fun using this toy with elementary school aged children inside a gymnasium. Given how the Sky Bouncer can bounce or fly, for kids who are unpredictable and who don't have refined aim or control, the way it bounces off the wall provides an entirely fun, random and unique experience.

When the Sky Bouncer is held sideways and thrown straight down, it has the capability of flying and bouncing 25 feet. Though it's more challenging to perfect throwing it straight down on its side so that it will bounce, in a controlled way to catch it, it certainly provides a good challenge for kids. We've had a lot of fun incorporating this fun outdoor toy using wall ball games, as well as bouncing it off the back of basketball hoop backboards into the net. Many people have used this as a juggling item as well and created some interesting and different games of their own.

On the Maui Toys website, there are some really neat videos highlighting the features of this fun outdoor toy engage in fun physical activity. The Sky Bouncer is certainly the kind of toy that's great to keep in the trunk of your car and perfect to promote physical activity for kids and adults.

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