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YGlider: 3 Wheeled Scooter for Kids

Great Scooter Children ages 2-5

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Y-Volution Y-Glider 3 Wheeled Scooter

Preschool and toddler aged children, 2 and up, enjoy ride-on toys, then progress to scooters and bicycles as their balance and motor skills develop. Traditional 2-wheeled scooters have been popular amongst older elementary school aged children, who have well developed balance and control. 3-wheeled scooters, like the Y-Volution Y-Glider, which is a fantastic toy for toddlers and preschool aged children, given its stable design and easy maneuverability.


-The Y-Volution Y-Glider can be purchased in pink, blue, green, and purple

-3-Wheeled scooter recommended for kids ages 2-5

-Able to be assembled in seconds by inserting the handle into the base

-Sold at Toys "R" Us and FAO Schwartz here in the United States

-Retails for $59.99

How it Works

The Y-Glider has three wheels, 2 in the front and one in the back. The child places one foot on the bottom of the scooter, then repeatedly pushes off with the other foot on the pavement to propel the scooter forward and backward. I have witnessed many older children on 2 wheeled scooters fall off and get hurt because the front wheel is similar to a bike, where the handlebar is maneuvered by pushing it forwards and backwards with two hands at the same time. The Y-Glider has a gripped handlebar that allows children to make turns by shifting the handlebar gently to either the right or the left, or side-to-side. It is lightweight and in addition, there is a brake located on the back wheel, that can be activated by stepping down with the opposite foot.

My Review

Over the past several years, I have watched my now 3-year-old son enjoy the luxury of testing out several different ride-on toys, scooters and unique bicycles. When he was between the 1 and 2-year-old age range, these toy vehicles were often bulky but stable plastic push-toys or ride-on toys that were maneuvered by moving his feet in a coordinated fashion, forward and backwards, while he was seated. In my opinion, with these types of bikes, given the young age, in order to provide stability, steering capabilities are limited, leading to a very basic, linear ride-on experience. As my son has gotten older and his motor skills and balance have evolved, he has been intrigued by the concept of a 2-wheeled scooter, but was to young and short to safely maneuver it. The Y-Volution Y-Glider arrived days after his 3rd birthday, and within minutes he was quickly maneuvering it through various terrain at our local park.

I was able to assemble the bike in seconds, by simply snapping the handlebar into the base. Initially it took him several minutes to get acquainted with the steering system, moving it right and left, versus forward and backward, he often tended to list towards the left, making frequent left turns. However, the more he practiced on flat, straight pathways, he was quickly able to understand how the scooter operated. The scooter easily transversed pavement, pavement covered with leaves, and packed gravel. He did lose his balance several times and fell, trying to push it over small holes or dips in the ground, but this did not deter him from standing up and continuing to figure out how the scooter operated. In addition, the scooter is lightweight, and easy for him to pick up and turn around on his own pretty safely. The Y-Volution Y-Glider is an outdoor toy, that has provided my son with a fun and exciting way of getting physical exercise while exploring the outdoors. With any ride-on toy, bike or scooter, please supervise your child and purchase a helmet for safety purposes.

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