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Top 6 Children's Ride On Toy Vehicles


Kids love ride-on toys! It is their first step towards independence. They love to imitate their older brothers or sisters who sail along comfortably on their bigger bikes. Selecting the right ride-on for your child can be a tough decision. Here are a few top kids' ride-on toys for children which they are sure to love!

1. Radio Flyer's Twist Trike

Radio Flyer's Twist Trike
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The Twist Trike from Radio Flyer is actually 2 vehicles in one! The innovative design allows it to be switched from a trike to a low riding chopper. Younger kids starting from the age of 2 can ride the trike, and as they grow older, the trike easily converts into a chopper. A great investment - your kids will be able to use the ride-on right upto the age of 7.
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2. Fisher Price Barbie Jammin' Jeep

Fisher Price Barbie Jammin' Jeep
Fisher Price
The Fisher Price Barbie Jeep is a battery operated ride-on which moves at a maximum speed of approximately 5 mph. The battery powered jeep can move forward as well as backward on road, grass or relatively easy to move on surfaces. This cool ride-on features a real working FM radio and a digital clock, making the youngsters feel even more like grown-ups! The only major issue I've come across with this ride-on is that the battery requires a substantial initial charging time of 18 hours. You have to keep the battery for charging it atleast overnight after use. I've also received a few reports of the battery needing replacement. Aside from the battery issue, this ride-on is one of the best battery operated ride-ons I've come across in a while.
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3. Razor Pro Model Scooter

Razor Pro Model Scooter
Now you can zip, zap and zoom along in style! The Razor pro model scooter is lightweight, easy to ride and stylish too. I will definitely recommend spending the extra cash and picking up the Pro model over the other Razor scooter models because it's just so much better. You get lots of extra features like a rear fender brake, thicker reinforced wheels, thicker foam grips, lighter and more durable construction and much more. This all sums up to better performance that's pretty visible.
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4. Radio Flyer's Discovery Wagon

Radio Flyer's Discovery Wagon
Radio Flyer
The Discovery Wagon from Radio Flyer is a classic wagon for the young ones. This big and spacious wagon is the ultimate in luxury wagons! Your child will really enjoy cruising along in style. There's enough room for 2 kids, and some toys too!
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5. Fold 2 Go Trike

Fold 2 Go Trike
Radio Flyer
This first trike from Radio Flyer is very kid friendly right from the bright colors and features. It is sturdy, dependable and most importantly safe. The frame is made of steel, and it has excellent tires. It has a low center of gravity for maximum stability. You can fold up this trike for easy storage and it has a carry handle for portability.
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6. Thomas Track Rider Engine Ride-On

Thomas Track Rider Engine Ride-On
Learning Curve
The Thomas The Tank Track Rider is a rechargeable, 6 V battery operated engine which can move on tracks, hard surfaces or carpet at a speed of 2 mph. Little ones will really enjoy sitting on the train as it goes round and round the tracks. There is a button which if pushed moves the train forward, and if released, stops the train. Working headlights, music and other sound effects make this ride-on a big hit with kids upto the ages of 3.
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