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Top 5 Child's Playhouses and Playtents


Kids love playhouses and playtents! Children spend endless hours in there inventing, playacting and more! While choosing the right child 's playhouse and playtent, one has to consider lots of important factors including wear and tear, safety, ease of use, price and many more. To make your decision easier, here is a list of handpicked child's playhouses and playtents that are very popular from your guide to Toys at About.com.

1. GuideCraft Build It Myself Playhouse

GuideCraft Build It Myself Playhouse
This unique playhouse from Guidecraft is in a class of it's own. The beauty of this solid wood playhouse is that it offers your kids the ability to use their imaginations and construct it on their own! The wooden planks slide together like pieces of a puzzle and can be put together in different ways to conjure up puppet theatres, little cabins, a hideaway or anything that catches their fancy!

2. Cozy Cottage Playhouse

Cozy Cottage Playhouse
Little Tikes
This cute 'n colorful playhouse from Little Tikes is a nice addition to your home and backyard. What primarily appeals to me about this playhouse is the price! It's affordably priced, and so won't put a dent in your pocket unlike some of the other playhouses available. The Cozy Cottage playhouse is made of heavy duty vinyl, includes soft air-filled Little Tikes balls and measures approximately 45 x 32 x 46.
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3. Magic Doorbell Playhouse

Magic Doorbell Playhouse
Yet another winner from Little Tikes, this playhouse is good for the price. It includes a kitchenette with a counter, pretend burners, a pretend fireplace, an oven and cupboards. The door opens and closes as do the shutters. The doorbell as the name suggests, makes 6 different sounds.
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4. Megaland Pop-Up Playset: Play Tents, Tunnels, and Balls

Megaland Pop-Up Playset: Play Tents, Tunnels, and Balls
This polyester and nylon playtent is compact and can be folded away saving loads of space. It easily pops open for hours of fun play. Includes 50 balls to give the feeling of a ball play park. Kids can crawl through the tunnels and play hide and seek! You can attach more Playhut structures if you wish. Folding up the unit takes some practise though! Also includes a basketball hoop for added fun.
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5. Welcome Home Playhouse

Welcome Home Playhouse
This playhouse from Step 2 is a monster of a playhouse! Very large and roomy, it does occupy lots of space, but is recommended for more than 1 kid. Very durable construction, it is secure and rugged. Only buy if you have a large garden or playroom.
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