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Top 5 Snow Toys


Snowy white winters are beautiful to look at. But, guess what? Snow can be so much more fun if you have the right snow toys to play with! Kids love going outdoors and making snowmen, snowballs and having snowfights. Apart from conventional snow activities, there are a whole lot of snow toys available which will make snowy days all the more fun! Snow toys include sleds, snowmobiles, snowboards, snow games and much more. Here's a selection of great snow toys.

1. Blizzard Inflatable Snow Mobile

Blizzard Inflatable Snow Mobile
Paricon Inc
The Blizzard Inflatable Snow Mobile is an inflatable snowmobile made out of heavy duty PVC. This snow toy is meant for a single rider only. It measures 50x30 deflated and includes a pair of handles and one repair patch in case of rips/tears.

2. Sno Paint Sno Art Kit

Sno Paint Sno Art Kit
Kids love painting and other art related activities. Why should snow time be any different? Here's a lovely sno-art kit which is both fun and easy to do! You can paint, color or stick shapes with this fun snow toy.
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3. Mountain Boy Sledworks Ultimate Flyer

Mountain Boy Sledworks Ultimate Flyer
Mountain Boy Sledworks
This critically acclaimed sled has been accoladed in the Outside magazine as well as in the New York Times. This handcrafted sled has a pivotable front section, leading to sharper and more controlled turns. The bottom is made of molded plastic. The body and handle are kiln-dried birch, the handrails are willow, and the finish is marine-grade.
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4. Snow Hog

The Snow Hog is a bike meant for the snow! Kids will have tons of fun steering this retro-looking snow toy down the slopes. Comes equipped with brakes.

5. Flexible Flyer Wooden Baby Sleigh

Flexible Flyer Wooden Baby Sleigh
Flexible Flyer
Now you can take your toddlers for a spin with the Flexible Flyer wooden baby sled. This ready to use wooden sled measures 29" x 13" x 15". It features steam bent skis and a backrest and includes tow rope and steel runners for added support. A great snow toy!
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