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Top 5 Toy Picks Of 2004


The holiday season is here bringing in its wake a flurry of activity and excitement. Out of all the gifts exchanged, toys are the most prominent. Every year new toys come into the market. Some create a splash, while some of them exit with hardly a ripple. And every year the old stalwarts withstand yet another round of competition, to emerge as winners. Talking of winners, let’s jump right in, and take a look at 2004’s top favorite toys, brought to you by your guide at About.com.

1) Robosapien

This latest hitech toy robot from Wow Wee International Toys is fascinating to say the least! It can do a number of functions including bend forward, and backwards, dance, give a hi-five, make sounds, and even pick things up. This robot does not come without its limitations though & reminds us that we are still a long way from the space age robots which function without a hitch. The Robosapien's movements may be jerky, and it is rather a complicated toy to operate.
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2) Bratz Funky Fashion Makeover Styling Head

This 10" tall makeover styling head from Bratz is a great buy for the little girls who love fashion and makeup. It comes with make-up, gloss, applicators, glitter, hairclips, a hairbrush and powder puff to keep your kids occupied for hours!
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3) E-L-M-O

This adorable red plush E-L-M-O from Fisher Price has done it again .. stolen the show with its cute songs and dances! E-L-M-O sings his own version of the song YMCA, spelling out the letters of his own name with actions to boot! Just press the button on E-L-M-O's hand and get ready for some fun and entertainment!
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4) Leapster Multimedia Learning System from Leap Frog

This awesome invention from Leap Frog is one of the best buys this season. It is educational, and at the same time loads of fun. Your child can play games, watch videos, doodle, read stories and much more with this wonderful handheld system. You can buy cartridges with Spongebob and Dora characters and many more in addition to the one with 6 learning games which comes with the unit.

5) Nintendo DS

Nintendo has emerged with yet another winner with it's Nintendo DS handheld gaming console unit. It's an improvement over the Gameboy Advance SP, it has 2 larger screens and the bottom screen also functions as a touchpad. It's backward compatible with the GBA, and a cool feature is that it is wireless enabled, leading to multiplayer support. Very popular with the gaming crowd!
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