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Laugh and Learn Home from Fisher Price

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Laugh and Learn Home from Fisher Price

Laugh and Learn Home from Fisher Price

The Bottom Line

The award winning Laugh and Learn Home from Fisher Price, a leader in young children's learning toys, is a must buy for your child. It is many things combined into one, and well worth every penny. Your child will love this right from 6 months right till he/she is older. Teaches basic as well as advanced things in a fun filled manner.
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  • Lots of exciting things for baby to do
  • Provides educational and stimulating activities
  • Sturdy and good quality toy


  • Expensive
  • Some assembly required


  • Very colorful Laugh and Learn home features a big door in front which opens and closes
  • Lots of fun activities like a shape sorter, rainspout, mailbox, light switch and more
  • Has music and sounds
  • Teaches kids lots of good stuff
  • Runs on batteries not included

Guide Review - Laugh and Learn Home from Fisher Price

The Laugh and Learn Home is so fantastic, I cannot stop raving about it! It provides so much stimulation to the young ones, teaching them basic letters, numbers, shapes, colors, greetings as well as everyday activities such as open and close, words and image correlation, telling time with the clock and much more. The nice and colorful home itself is pretty sturdy, made out of excellent quality plastic like all FisherPrice products. There is a door in front, which can be opened and shut, and kids love to crawl inside it! There is a clock with hands which can be turned making a tick tick noise. Colored balls can be dropped into the rainspout accompanied by popular songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider. There is a shape sorter, a mailbox, a light switch which actually works and more! There are lots of songs (around 21) and lots of noises too. Whew. I think I did manage to list all the features.. But why don't you check it out yourself and see? You won't be disappointed, I promise!
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