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Guide Review of Leapster Multimedia Learning System from Leap Frog

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Leapster Multimedia Learning System

Leapster Multimedia Learning System

The Bottom Line

The Leapster Multimedia Learning System from Leap Frog is an excellent way for your child to learn as well as have some fun. Out of all the electronic learning systems available in the market today, this one ranks pretty high up in the list. Easy to use, and very educational, this product comes as highly recommended.
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  • Makes learning a lot of fun
  • Easy to Use
  • Great Touch Screen and Backlit Display


  • Additional Cartridges have to be purchased - expensive


  • Consists of an interactive system plus cartridges
  • Has a backlit touch screen and stylus
  • Learning cartridges have to be inserted into the system
  • Learning games, electronic books, drawing lessons, and interactive videos

Guide Review - Guide Review of Leapster Multimedia Learning System from Leap Frog

The manufacturer of the Leapster Multimedia Learning System, Leap Frog, is well known for its wide range of learning toys and games for young minds. It has come out with an exceptional product in this case.

Hardware details: The Leapster consists of a 4" 12-bit color interactive system and cartridges from the Leapster Learning Library that you have to insert into the system slot. There is a touch screen with a stylus pen and a control pad with adjustable volume and brightness controls. The screen is backlit, and there is a headphone jack. Runs on 4 AA Batteries not included.

Usability Details: Children can play, read, draw, and watch interactive videos with this amazing invention. Lots of learning games are available in your child's favorite cartoon character like Dora, Spongebob, and more. Children can be taught letters, numbers, colors, sounds, shapes and much more via these learning games. Electronic storybooks can be read too for the little bookworm! The Draw feature encourages budding young artists to exercise their creativity. There are lots of step by step lessons to sketch and create new things. Recommended for ages from Pre K to 2nd Grade. Includes a bonus cartridge with 6 games.

Leapster cartridges can be purchased separately, with a wide range to choose from with subjects like Math, Letter Skills, Homework Helper, Dora, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo and much more.

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