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Rubik's Revolution

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The Bottom Line

As far as toys go - the Rubik's Revolution is catchy, fun and engaging. On the flip side, the Rubik's Revolution is almost nothing like the original Rubik's cube. Forecasted to be one of the hottest toys of this year, the Rubik's Revolution is certainly trying very hard to make it big. Will it get there? I think so. The Rubik's Revolution is a pretty challenging and addictive toy. The bottomline - if you don't compare the Rubik's Revolution to the original Rubik's cube, you won't be disappointed.


  • Exciting, fast paced and challenging
  • Games are well thought out for different age groups
  • Can be addictive!


  • Nothing like the original!
  • The electronic voice is annoying at times
  • Could do with some more interactive features


  • The Rubik's Revolution looks just like the Rubik's cube with a few modifications
  • Clickable buttons on each side
  • Flashing lights, colors and sounds add to the fun!

Guide Review - Rubik's Revolution

As a big time Rubik's Cube fan, wow, was I excited to get my copy of the Rubik's Revolution! At first glance, the Rubik's Revolution looks almost like the original Rubik's cube - but as soon as you look closer, the illusion is lost. The cube is made of pretty hard material, and is totally inflexible. It has these indentations in the middle of each side of the cube with a clickable button built in.

You have to turn the cube on with a switch. An electronic voice starts giving out instructions on which buttons to press for which game. There are 6 games that you can play on the Rubik's Revolution. They are Light Speed, Rapid Recharge, Pattern Panic, Cube Catcher, Code Cracker, and Multiplayer Madness. Put simply, the basic principle of the Rubik's Revolution seems to be how fast you can click the buttons, and in what order.

There's a good mix of games for different age groups. Light Speed is a great game for the young ones - you have to press the different colored buttons as they come on in random order. At the end of it, the electronic voice announces your score. Another game, Pattern Panic has you remembering the pattern of the lights.

I can imagine people getting hooked on to the Rubik's Revolution! It's great for sharpening your skills, increasing your reactivity times and developing hand eye coordination. However, the Rubik's Revolution involves very little strategy and brain work which is in sharp contrast to the Rubik's cube. So, don't be disappointed if you're a die hard Rubik's Cube fan and are expecting the Rubik's Revolution to even come close! I'll stress on the fact that if you don't compare the two, you'll probably end up liking the Rubik's Revolution for the fun it provides!

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