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Toilet Buddies - Toilet Bowl Attachments Which Make Potty Training Fun!

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The Bottom Line

Toilet Buddies just made the dreaded task of potty training easier for parents and fun for the kiddies.

So, what are Toilet Buddies?? They are adorable characters which you can attach to your child's potty by means of easy velcro attachments. Kids love the friendly toilet buddies, and look forward to using the potty. The inventors of toilet buddies have launched their product after extensive research on potty training, and the finished product - Toilet Buddies is unique and one of a kind!

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  • Toilet Buddies help in making potty training easier
  • Kids love the friendly characters
  • The potty seems less intimidating to the kids with Toilet Buddies


  • Kids may get too used to that particular potty and refuse to use any other
  • Younger and more timid kids may get scared of the characters


  • Toilet Buddies are animal characters which attach onto your toilet bowl
  • There are 4 toilet buddies - CaCa Cow, Gotago Giraffe, Poo P. Bunny and Puddles Puppy
  • Toilet Buddies are easy to clean
  • They encourage your child to use the potty
  • They reduce potty fear, and smoothen out the potty training process

Guide Review - Toilet Buddies - Toilet Bowl Attachments Which Make Potty Training Fun!

Toilet Buddies are an innovative way for your child to get used to using the toilet faster. The animal characters instantly appeal to them. Kids feel at home with the friendly looking toilet buddies, are less intimidated by the potty, and are encouraged to potty train faster.

The characters attach to your potty easily, and can be taken off later without leaving marks. There are four adorable characters to choose from, - a dog, a giraffe, a bunny and a cow. The characters all have their own equally adorable names - CaCa Cow, Gotago Giraffe, Poo P. Bunny and Puddles Puppy.

The inventors of these potty training helpers have done a lot of research and are totally committed to helping parents potty train their kids faster. As kids learn how to use the potty earlier, the use of diapers is reduced, which is great for the environment too, not to speak of lowered expenses for the parents!

Toilet Buddies is an interesting product, and if you're going through a rough phase with potty training your child, why don't you give the Toilet Buddies a shot!

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