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Fisher-Price Elmo's Restaurant

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Fisher-Price Elmo's Restaurant

Fisher-Price Elmo's Restaurant


The Bottom Line

I wish I had such cool toys when I was growing up! Our "house-house" pretend play consisted of a make-shift kitchen with little pots and pans. In contrast, Elmo's restaurant is a really fun place for all the budding little chefs of today. Apart from the many features included, Elmo's restaurant from Fisher-Price is all the more fun because of Elmo and his friends, Grover, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. The restaurant has lots of realistic sounds and phrases which will have kids giggling away while they cook. A working microphone and a cash register add an authentic feel to Elmo's restaurant.


  • Elmo's restaurant features Elmo and his buddies
  • Tons of fun sounds and phrases are included
  • A working microphone and cash register are among the many cool items in this set


  • It's expensive
  • The construction could have been better considering the price


  • Elmo's restaurant has two sections - the kitchen and the dining area
  • Tons of cool sounds can be heard with the various items
  • Elmo and his buddies speak fun phrases which will have kids in splits
  • Elmo's Restaurant is a great toy to be used in group play

Guide Review - Fisher-Price Elmo's Restaurant

What I like about the Elmo's Restaurant from Fisher-Price is the myriad of features it has, truly making it a complete pretend play experience.

Elmo's Restaurant is divided into two sections mimicking a real restaurant. The kitchen section features Elmo the chef who helps kids cook. The Dining section has Grover who speaks when kids take the menu out of his hand. To add to the fun, turn the Bert and Ernie oven knobs to hear silly sound effects and phrases.

A restaurant won't be a proper restaurant if there's no noise! Place the pot on the burner to hear realistic bubbling sounds. Sizzling sounds can be heard with the pan and when you press on the cutting board, you hear chopping sounds. When the food is ready, kids can press the bell to get a ding, signaling that the order is ready.

If you feel like hearing Elmo speak (and who doesn't!), you can take the spatula out of Elmo's hand to encourage him to talk. On the dining and ordering side, you can open and close the Oscar refrigerator door or Cookie Monster oven door to hear more sounds. There's even a fun song included.

Elmo's Restaurant from Fisher-Price retails at just over $100 and features a working microphone, a cash register complete with play money and more than 20 play pieces that can be stored within the unit. All play pieces fit neatly inside the unit's built-in storage spaces, which is a boon for all the moms and dads.

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 1 out of 5
Disappointed, Member mandidee

I am disappointed in two thing: Quality and Accuracy. The digital clock and oven temp both read 1:23. However I noticed, as I was teaching my son how to read the clock, that the standard clock is incorrect displaying 12:23. I am disappointed that the quality of this product is lacking. The refrigerator door falls off constantly and the microphone cuts in and out only working occasionally. Don't waste your money on this.

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