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Spike the Dinosaur - Spike the Ultra Dinosaur from Fisher-Price

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Spike the Dinosaur - Spike the Ultra Dinosaur from Fisher-Price

Spike the Dinosaur - Spike the Ultra Dinosaur from Fisher-Price


The Bottom Line

Spike the Dinosaur is ultra cool indeed. Spike the Dinosaur walks, blinks, roars, snores, growls and even stands on his hind legs almost like a real pet. The fantastic design and bright spikes will definitely attract kids but, wait, Spike the Dinosaur doesn't come cheap. Spike the Dinosaur's equally large price may ward off parents. If one overlooks the hefty cost, the awesome features in this one of a kind Spike the Ultra Dinosaur toy will make it a worthwhile buy.
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  • Spike the Ultra dinosaur can walk, blink and even stand on his hind legs
  • Spike the Dinosaur makes cool sounds like a roar, snore and growl
  • You can use a simple remote to control our pal Spike the Dinosaur


  • Whew - Spike the Dinosaur retails at $140 making it quite expensive


  • Spike is a 27" Dinosaur who will definately be the centre of attention
  • He can walk, stand on his hind legs, blink and even his spikes light up.
  • He even makes cool sounds like growling, snorting and roaring making him seem like the real thing.
  • Recommended for ages 3-10.

Guide Review - Spike the Dinosaur - Spike the Ultra Dinosaur from Fisher-Price

Dinosaurs and prehistoric legends have been an age old fantasy with kids and adults alike. These prehistoric giants have captured the imagination of one and all. Their sheer size itself is a magnetic factor.

To fulfill this whim, Fisher-Price has released Spike the Ultra Dinosaur. Spike the Dinosaur is an awesome toy which will be a welcome addition in your child's collection.

Spike the Dinosaur's cool factor starts off with his size. Standing at 27" tall he will certainly garner a lot of attention. To add to his "oh, so cool" charm, Spike the Dinosaur even walks, stands on his hind legs, blinks, opens and closes his mouth. His spikes even light up. All this is done with a simple remote control. It's a piece of cake to make this majestic beast move to your commands.

That's not all - Spike the Dinosaur makes lots of fun sounds like growls, snorts, roars and more. I think this mighty dinosaur sure lives up to his ultra cool name. Spike the Dinosaur is ideal for kids between 3-10 years.

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