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Top 6 Barbie Dolls And Toys


Did you know the first Barbie Doll is old enough to be a grandma? Yes, Barbie dolls have been around since 1959! Since then Barbie dolls have evolved with the everchanging times. You can catch a glimpse of Barbie's history on the Barbie Collectors website. But, back to the present! Check out the best selling Barbie dolls of today in this article.

1. Barbie Happy Family Sounds Like Home Smart House

The Happy Family Sounds Like Home Dollhouse from Mattel is an improvement over the previous Happy Family houses - with a Barbie theme. Each room is equipped with motion sensors that trigger off sounds and lights when the dolls are inside the rooms. The 2 story house is pretty lively with the dolls "talking" to each other which are actually phrases from each of the rooms. Although the house looks nice, it is pretty flimsy, has too many small parts and is difficult to assemble and fold up.
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2. Fairytopia Elina Doll

Elina is a beautiful fairy and the main character in the Fairytopia DVD movie. She takes a journey to help her friends and defeats the evil Laverna, saving the flowers and Fairytopia. The beautiful Elina doll has a pink flower-inspired dress, rooted eyelashes and magical fiber optic light-up wings.
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3. Barbie Styling Head

The Barbie Styling Head from Mattel is a hot favorite among girls at this age. The huge Barbie doll head comes with a full range of makeup including nail polish, press on nails, lip liner, lipstick, and eyeshadow. Accessories include bracelets and rings. Hair can actually be styled with the curling iron. accessory. Available in different styles including ethnic, Caucasian and more. Get yours before they are all gone!!
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4. My Scene Goes Hollywood: Luxury Limo

This sleek limo features working lights, a beverage bar, fancy seats and a hot tub. The top of the limo pops up so that the dolls can be made to stand inside the limo. A fancy car well suited to the MyScene line of dolls.
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5. American Idol Barbie

The latest release in Barbie dolls is Barbie as the American Idol doll! The American Idol Barbie doll goes for auditions with 2 friends. Will she be the winner? This Barbie comes complete with a Karaoke machine which plays "Ladies Night" and CDs to boot!
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6. Mattel Barbie Commemorative Holiday 2005 Doll

Every year, Mattel releases a special edition Holiday Barbie. This year, the holiday Barbie is resplendant in a sparkling organza gown with a dark pink sash and jewellery to match.
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