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CPSC Toy Recalls for 2011


This is a list of the most recent toy recalls from the CPSC in 2011. This is not the list of all recalls, and if you are seeking more information, please feel free to visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for more specific information and additional pictures.

If you notice that you have a toy or product that has been recalled, please take the toy away from the child immediately. Many toys are recalled due to lead paint violation, choking hazards, or risk of lacerations or injuries.

For a link to more specific toy safety information , please click here.

1. Build-A-Bear Colorful Hearts Teddy Bear Recall

Build a bear colorful hearts teddy

Build-a-Bear is recalling about 284,000 Colorful Hearts Teddy Bears due to a choking hazard. The teddy bears eyes can loosen and fall out, posing a choking hazard.

2. Halloween Projection Flashlight Recall

Halloween Projection Flashlight

About 10,000 Halloween Projection Flashlights are being recalled as they can melt and pose fire and burn hazards to consumers.

3. Build-A-Bear Teddy Bear Swimsuit and Inner Tube Recall

©Build-A-Bear Workshop

About 19,720 Teddy Bear Swimwear Sets with Inflatable Inner Tube from Build-A-Bear are being recalled. The inner tube accessory can pose a strangulation hazard if a child pulls this over their head.

4. Battat Toulouse-LapTrec Magnetic Sketchboard Recall

About 95,000 Toulouse-LapTrec magnetic sketchboards by Battat Inc. are being recalled. The Toulouse-LapTrec magnetic sketchboard has a drawing pen with a magnetic tip. The tip of the drawing pen can become dislodged which poses a choking hazard for young children.

5. Disney-Branded Fairy Plastic Racing Trike Recall

Kiddieland is recalling about 12,000 Disney-branded Fairies plastic racing tricycles. The plastic fairy figure on the handlebar poses a laceration hazard if a child should fall on it.

6. IKEA Children's Folding Tent Recall

IKEA North America is recalling about 58,000 BUSA children's folding tents in the United States. 7,000 more tents are being recalled in Canada. The steel wire frame of the tent can break, producing sharp wire ends that can cause a laceration or puncture hazard.

7. Child's Frog Mask Recall at Target Stores

Target Corporation is recalling about 3,400 children's frog masks as they present as a suffocation hazard due to lack of proper ventilation.

8. Guidecraft Twist 'n Sort Recall

Guidecraft is recalling about 760 Twist 'n Sort wooden toys, because the small pegs on 3 of the 4 posts can detach and become a choking hazard. No injuries have currently been reported.

9. Battat Musical Wooden Table

14,000 musical wooden tables by Battat have been recalled because the small pegs on the xylophone can loosen and detach, causing a potential choking hazard.

10. LM Import & Export Toy Cars

©LM Import & Export
1,900 toy cars sold at Mega Wholesale stores through Miami, FL from September 2010 through January 2011 are being recalled by LM Import & Export due to a violation of the lead paint standard.

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