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Toy Recalls

All of the Recalls posted in 2012


This is a list of the most recent toy recalls from the CPSC in 2012. This is not the list of all toy recalls, and if you are seeking more information, please feel free to visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for more specific information and additional pictures.

If you notice that you have a toy or product that has been recalled, please take the toy away from the child immediately. Many toys are recalled due to lead paint violation, choking hazards, or risk of lacerations or injuries.

Click here for a link to more specific toy safety information.

Click here for past CPSC toy recalls from 2011.

1. Toys R Us Imaginarium Activity Center

Toys R Us Imaginarium 5-in-1 Activity Center

24,000 Imaginarium 5-in-1 activity centers are being recalled by Toys "R" Us. There is a xylophone on 1 side of the activity center that is held together with small pegs. These small pegs can detach and cause a potential choking hazard.

2. Big Movers Super Car Toys

Big Movers Truck Recall
©Happy Shirts

Happy Shirts of Honolulu, HI is recalling 9,000 toy trucks that were provided in conjunction with the Big Movers t-shirts at Kohls. The trucks can reportedly catch on fire.

3. Guidecraft 4-in-1 Theater Recall

Guidecraft 4-in-1 Puppet Theater

Guidecraft is recalling their 4-in-1 Dramatic Theater due to concerns that the item could tip over and cause entrapment to children.

4. Tumblekins Toys Recall

Tumblekins Wooden Playset & Vehicle Recall
©International Playthings

About 31,000 Tumblekins toys are being recalled by International Playthings as the toy can break into small pieces with sharp edges, posing a laceration hazard.

5. Slalom Glider Recall

slalom glider slide recall
©Landscape Structures

About 900 Slalom Glider slides are being recalled by Landscape Structures due to a risk of falling that has caused injuries to children.

6. Infant Rattles Recalled by Lee Carter

Lee Carter Infant Rattle
©Lee Carter

25,000 infant rattles by Lee Carter are being recalled due to a potential choking hazard. The handle of the rattle is long enough to fit in an infant's mouth and throat.

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