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Furreal Friends Dizzy Dancers Deluxe Dance Studio

Fun, Spinning Dancers from Hasbro

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Furreal Friends, Dizzy Dancers, Dizzy Twirlin Dance Studio Hasbro

Hasbro has designed a new activity for girls ages 4 and up, as part of the Furreal Friends brand called Dizzy Dancers. Dizzy Dancers are essentially spinning tops. Each dancer has their own name, personality, and accessories. Once they begin “dancing” part of the fun for children includes not only letting them twirl in the dance studio, but finding other unique places in the home where they can spin and dance.


- 1 Dizzy Dancer

- 1 Dizzy Dance Studio

- Decals

- Additional Stickers

- 1 Dizzy Cord

- 1 stand

- Trick Card

My Review

Furreal Friends Dizzy Dancer©Hasbro

Whether you purchased the Dance studio, or your child has received a single Dizzy Dancer, to spin the Dizzy Dancer, the plastic Dizzy Cord must be inserted into the Dizzy Dancer. The child then pulls the cord out quickly and as a result the Dizzy Dancer will spin, like a top, very quickly on any flat surface that you place it on.

Setting up the Dance Studio took an adult 15 minutes to place the sticker decals in the proper location. The stickers were numbered and an illustration was provided indicating where each decal should be placed. There were extra stickers children can use to personalize their dance studio. The next morning though, several of the stickers were peeling back and my son started to remove them from the dance studio and placing them on other toys and himself. Though it adds sparkle appeal to the dance studio, they aren't necessary. As an adult, you may need to help a young child problem solve the proper locations though if you want to explicitly follow the directions.

In terms of play value, the dance studio is definitely more fun with several dancers. There is only 1 included in the packaging, and I’d recommend purchasing a few additional ones. Once children master the art of spinning their dancer, it’s even more fun to see how many they can spin together at the same time.

There are several tricks children can master while spinning. They can see if their dancer will spin and move down the ramps and tracks on the dance studio. Children can also attempt to spin their dancer in other places within the home, on the tops of pencils, on the end of their Dizzy Cord, and any other interesting place they think of.

The Dizzy Dancers also twist apart and children can mix and match the tops and bottoms for even more personalization and fashion. Young boys love to play with Beyblades (compare prices), another competitive Hasbro game. This is a fun, girls take on a similar concept except, from what I’ve seen, you can spin multiple dancers at the same time and they all seem to stop dancing at exactly the same time, so it's not meant to be a competitive game.

Not that there are many pieces, but as children collect more dancers and dizzy cords, and move them from the closet or shelf to the playspace or to a friend's house, it would be helpful to have another container to store the dancers and pieces in for travel. Otherwise, grab a bag or backpack for transportation. I actually have our dance studio upside down on the shelf and the pieces seem to fit relatively well inside for transporting them. There is a sticker that informs players that there is a possibility of hair entanglement, so adult supervision is recommended.

On the Hasbro website, there are also additional web based features for kids that are fans of Dizzy Dancers to do that include downloading music, games, videos, wallpaper, stickers, printables, and learning new trick challenges.

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