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Green Toys Pizza Parlor Review

Great Play Food for Your Kid's Kitchen Set

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Green Toys Pizza Parlor
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Pick up or delivery? This adorable pizza toy from Green Toys is a fabulous play food addition to your kid's kitchen set. BPA free, pthalate free, and made entirely in the United States, your family can pretend to make a pizza from your favorite pizza parlor right in your own home, without the mess.

What's Included

- 4 Pizza Crusts

- 20 Pizza Toppings (4 sets sauce, 4 sets cheese, 4 sets pepperoni, 2 sets mushrooms, 2 sets onions, 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, 1 red tomato, 1 green tomato)

- 1 Pizza Cutter

- Pizza Parlor Order Forms

- 1 cardboard "Pizza Delivery Box"

Additional Information About This Product

Green Toys Pizza Parlor©Green Toys / ©PriceGrabber

- Toppings work like puzzle pieces that easily stack on top of each other

- Pizza ingredients are interchangeable with other Green Toys play food products

- Recommended for ages 2 and up

- No BPA, no pthalates no PVC or external coatings

- Made in USA from recycled plastic milk containers

My Review

We have had so much fun with this toy in my home. Right out of the durable, cardboard pizza delivery box, which I think is an ingenious touch for storing all the topping pieces, I was amazed at how many choices of toppings came with this pizza set. The toppings are very easily stacked on top of each other, because there is a small raised button in the middle of each topping, which holds them in place on top of one another. Due to the fact these toppings are so easily stacked on top of one another, it allows this toy to be used by kids that range in age. The materials, are very high quality, as well as strong, sturdy and vibrant in color. My 2 year-old, had no problem at all assembling the pizza himself, before he immediately rushed to place the finished pizza in the oven of his toy kitchen. For older children, there is also a menu pad included, where a child can check off an order, before returning to the kitchen to custom create the desired pizza. Additional order forms can be printed online at Green Toys as well. The order forms also come in 2 other languages, Spanish and German. I would highly recommend this toy as a great addition to your child's play kitchen set.

A Little About Green Toys

Green Toys makes toy products for young children that do not contain BPA , PVC, pthalates or any external coatings. Their toys are made from recycled plastic milk containers and other environmentally friendly materials that reduce fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emmissions. Their toys are made in the United States, in the state of California. These toys are also dishwasher safe. All Green Toys products are packaged in recycled corrugated boxes without any plastics, cellophane, or twist-ties. Their packaging is 100% recyclable as well.

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