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Fisher-Price iXL Learning System Toy Review

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Fisher-Price iXL Learning System  - iXL is an MP3 Player and Game System for Kids

Fisher-Price iXL Learning System

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The Bottom Line

If you're taking a family trip, the Fisher-Price iXL Learning System toy is a must-have toy to distract your child. Though it is recommended for kids ages 3-7, the included content is more appropriate for the 3-5 set.
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  • Totally portable toy with a headphone jack that makes it perfect for travel.
  • Fun out of the box and customizable with photos, music and more.
  • Plays music, games, stories, photos, Mp3s and does artwork.


  • Video games included are a slow paced.
  • Parents have to manage adding more content.


  • iXL Learning System plays games, photos, stories and includes a note pad and art studio.
  • It is totally portable and great for travel.
  • Parents can add kids' favorite photos and MP3s to make it more personal.

Guide Review - Fisher-Price iXL Learning System Toy Review

The Fisher-Price iXL Learning System toy is a six-in-one toy for kids. It comes with games, songs, pictures and an art studio and you can add your own content like favorite songs and family photos. This makes it extremely compelling as a surprise for a child taking a trip.

Out of the box the iXL Learning System toy can play stories, games and songs. I found the games a bit slow for my 5-year-old son. We got bored with them quickly. But I see great potential for loading up your own pictures and his favorite music.

Parents who produce the iXL, fully loaded with a child's favorite things, and a set of headphones is sure to have a successful flight. It has no small parts and the stylus pen is attached.

It is easy to work for a child as young as 3.

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