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FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies Animal Toys - More Fun than Zhu Zhu Pets

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FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies Scoot & Scurry City Toy - Like Zhu Zhu Pets But More Fun

FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies Scoot & Scurry City Toy

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The Bottom Line

After a tiresome (but one-time) assembly process is complete, FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies toys are more fun and work better than Zhu Zhu Pets toys. Just be sure to keep them out of your child's hair or you might have to cut them out.


  • Cute little animals make adorable chirps and giggling sounds.
  • The environments work better than Zhu Zhu Pets' environments.
  • Children can dress up the pets with 12 included accessories.
  • Girls LOVE these cute little animals. We're talking serious obsession potential here.


  • Assembly takes forever...longer if your child is watching impatiently.
  • Package comes with no fewer than 16 plastic bags inside.
  • Discriminating from among several similar parts could be made easier with better instructions.


  • Little animals travel through tunnels and trails and back up when they encounter obstacles.
  • Rabbit, chipmunk, puppy, raccoon, hedgehog and kitten toys are all available separately.
  • Accessories encourage girls to dress up the animals and feed them, which extends imaginative play.

Guide Review - FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies Animal Toys - More Fun than Zhu Zhu Pets

Last year's must-have Christmas toy was Zhu Zhu Pets, little hamsters that run through a Habitrail-like environment. The FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies are similar but the environments are much easier to play with. The obstacles are designed carefully and they just work better than those in the Zhu Zhu Pets' world.

FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies are animal toys that feature scurrying hamsters, rabbits, chipmunks, raccoons, puppies and kittens. They scurry through their little track and make cute little giggles and chirps. The sounds are very sweet. They actually made me giggle right out loud!

The set comes with one creature, a little gray bunny that cruises around his little world and backs up when he encounters an obstacle. Additional animals are available separately. Girls can dress up their creatures with accessories like a barrette and a tiara. Tiny toys and snacks for the animals also come in the kit.

Assembling this set took me (a professional toy assembler, mind you) more than half an hour...and I didn't even put on the 50 stickers that come in the box! (Each has an assigned location...ay yay yay!) This would be a good one to assemble ahead of time. Assembling it while an impatient 5-year-old child breathes down your neck is not recommended.

I have to mention what I tell my friends when they ask me about Zhu Zhu Pets. Both FurReal Friends Furry Frenzies and Zhu Zhu pets have wheels underneath and that can cause a huge problem if girls run them near their hair. I've heard of more than one parent who has had to extract the hamster toy from a child's hair with the kitchen scissors. Keep these toys away from hair! It says so right on the pet.

A tip - Don't open the 16 plastic bags of parts all at once. The bags sort the pieces and having them separated makes assembly easier.

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