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Iron Man 2 Turbo Racer RC Car Toy Review

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Iron Man 2 Turbo Racer RC Car - RC Car From the Iron Man 2 Movie

Iron Man 2 Turbo Racer RC Car from Silverlit Toys

Photo © Silverlit Toys

The Bottom Line

The Iron Man 2 Turbo Racer is a sleek, fun RC car toy that goes quite fast and lights up. It beats the Iron Man 2 Whip-It Racer RC car toy in speed, maneuverability and coolness.
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  • This RC car goes fast!
  • Sleek and low with gunmetal gray paint
  • Hood and headlights really light up
  • Easy to control


  • Price is substantial at around $60 at launch.


  • Gun-metal gray RC car with a large spoiler goes fast.
  • Controls are easy to work.
  • Lights make the cars look really cool at night.
  • The cars are not age rated, but I'd recommend them for ages 6 and up.

Guide Review - Iron Man 2 Turbo Racer RC Car Toy Review

I reviewed two Iron Man 2 RC cars: the Iron Man 2 Turbo Racer RC Car and the Iron Man 2 Whip-it Racer RC Car. The car I preferred is the more expensive one, the Iron Man 2 Turbo Racer RC Car.

The Turbo Racer RC Car is just plain cool looking in gun-metal gray paint. It has headlights and a hood that light up and it looks sleek speeding down the street. In a drag race, the Turbo Racer RC Car left the Whip-It Racer RC Car in the dust!

The Whip-It Racer RC Car, is less expensive but it's bigger and it doesn't go nearly as fast. It does look more like an Iron Man 2 toy because it is red and gold with Iron Man on the hood. It has one cool light feature, too. The middle of the car has a unique articulated section that makes the car wiggle back and forth. Our kid testers said it looked like a ladybug when it jiggled its rear end like that. It doesn't move across the grass at all, while the lower, faster car can move on grass a bit better and doesn't get stuck as often.

The Whip-It Racer RC Car had four giant twist ties holding it in the package. The annoying twist ties are my Kryptonite. I actually drew blood! I had to resort to using my wire cutters to get the toy out of the package. The Turbo Racer had little tabs that were easily loosened with my fingers. I know many parents who hate those twist ties with every ounce of their beings, so this may be a deciding factor on this toy purchase!

The controls on both cars are easy to maneuver. One thumb controls forward and back while the other thumb controls turns. An additional button is a light switch.

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