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Stinky the Garbage Truck Toy Review

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Matchbox Stinky the Garbage Truck Toy

A Truck Toy for Preschoolers

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The Bottom Line

Much like last year's hit toy, Rocky the Robot Truck, Stinky the Garbage Truck is a funny and fun addition to the Big Rig Buddies assortment. He dances and sings, cracks jokes, plays like a garbage truck, and kids love him, too!

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  • Stinky the Garbage Truck is funny and fun
  • He sings and dances and keeps kids engaged with jokes and stories
  • He plays like a typical garbage truck and can take things into his bin and dump them out
  • His lights and sounds really fit with his whole persona


  • Can't control volume and Stinky can be loud 
  • Fortunately he doesn't say the word, "fart" but he does make fart sounds and giggle about it


  • Manufacturer suggested age: 3+ years 
  • Stinky the Garbage Truck sings and dances and cracks jokes
  • Kids can play with him like any garbage-truck toy
  • His humor is silly and irreverent and he even does push ups!
  • Toy should not be played with outdoors as the elements can cause him to malfunction

Overall Review of Stinky the Garbage Truck by Matchbox 

Stinky is a garbage truck brought to life (with C batteries)He talks, stands up, sings and dances with over 90 phrases and sounds. He even talks to kids and listens to their responses. Stinky says, "Anybody there?" Then he will respond to kids' noises, hand claps, or speech. There are sensory points on the toy including Stinky's belly button that prompt him to speak. 

Stinky the Garbage Truck says he's hungry for some trash, then when kids put something in his bin he says, "Nom nom nom! YUM! More please!"

He even snoozes when he gets bored, or asks for a high five (on his tires!)

Stinky says, "Hi! I'm Stinky! Are you?" 

Kids enjoy playing with Stinky and if they get tired of his antics, can also turn him off and play with hims manually like any truck. 


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