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Paper Jamz Music Toys Rock

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Paper Jamz Toy Guitar

Paper Jamz Are Hot New Toys For Christmas

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The Bottom Line

Paper Jamz are paper thin guitars, drum kits, and amplifiers that really rock. With four fun modes of play and three songs preloaded on each guitar, kids are going to want to collect the whole rock band.

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  • No musical ability is required to play Paper Jamz guitars successfully
  • Each guitar toy has three songs preloaded, plus four play modes
  • They are very lightweight and flat for storage or carrying
  • Kids who love music will love these toys
  • Paper Jamz guitar toys are affordable


  • With only three preloaded songs, kids may wish for more content
  • Experienced guitar players may find the toy guitars limiting because they can't play real chords


  • Manufacturer suggested age range: 8+ years
  • Affordable toy guitars come loaded with three songs
  • Four modes of play let kids jam successfully right away or make up their own music with their friends.
  • Paper Jamz drums, amps and guitar straps are also available
  • The amp is not required to play the Paper Jamz guitar toys
  • Built in speakers and a line-out jack for earphones that can plug into an amplifier or earphones
  • The guitars have a touch-sensitive paper surface with no real strings or texture at all

Overall Review of Paper Jamz Music Toys 

Paper Jamz utilizes a paper that is circuit-embedded so upon touching the surface, kids can play real music. There are a variety of guitars, drums, and amplifiers that are catered for both girls and boys. Each guitar and drum set comes preloaded with three hit songs and four modes of playing. 

The easiest of the three play modes is Perfect Play mode, which really doesn't feel much like playing guitar. Kids strum along and make sounds, but the music sounds mostly complete whether they strum or not.

The second mode, Rhythm Mode lets kids control the tempo of the rhythm line, which may or may not be in sync with the rest of the track that's playing automatically. It feels more like they are in control, but it does not depend on fret fingering for success. Kids can just strum to the beat.

Freestyle mode is more advanced. Kids can strum or, by pressing a spot on every other fret, change the sounds or even play chords. The strumming is also freestyle and there is no background music to follow.

Finally, the fourth mode incorporates karaoke! Kids can play the preloaded songs plus sing along, too.

The touch-sensitive cardboard surface does not allow experienced guitar players to play real chords or depress specific strings. This makes it easier for inexperienced players to master the toy, but more advanced guitar players would find this limiting.


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