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Wild Planet Spy Video TRAKR RC Toy

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Spy Gear Video TRAKR - TRAKR Takes Video And Audio From an RC Vehicle

Spy Gear Video TRAKR RC Toy - TRAKR Takes Video And Audio From an RC Vehicle

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The Bottom Line

This is a truly innovative, high-tech RC toy that makes it fun to play spy. Little spies should be supervised to ensure that nobody's privacy is violated.
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  • Cool RC vehicle runs on treads like a tank.
  • Video and audio display on the controller.
  • Fun modes like night-vision mode make it even more fun to be a spy.


  • The toy won't record video unless you insert an SD card, which is not included.
  • Camera doesn't tilt up and down, a feature we found ourselves wanting while playing with the TRAKR.
  • The potential for a boy posting video of his sister on Facebook is definitely there.


  • Cool RC vehicle takes video as it travels.
  • The controller shows video and plays live sound from the vehicle.
  • Parents should ensure that kids are supervised when "spying" with this toy.

Guide Review - Wild Planet Spy Video TRAKR RC Toy

The Spy Video TRAKR RC Toy from Wild Planet takes spying to a whole new level. Kids can steer the TRAKR around the house and see video and audio from the vehicle on the control panel. It has night-vision mode and several other fun modes to extend the play value.

The vehicle is fun to drive around and it's interesting to see the video from the perspective of the vehicle. We drove it under a parked car and were able to see all the things you can't see unless the vehicle was elevated.

I worry about privacy with this toy, though. It is not silent so it's hard to sneak up on anyone with it, but parents should ensure that kids understand the ground rules before using the TRAKR, particularly if it has an SD card for video recording. Personal privacy at home is very important!

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