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Fortamajig and Fortamajig Connectables Fort-Building Toys

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Fortamajig and Fortamajig Connectables Toy Review - Toy Review of Fortamajig Toy

Fortamajig and Fortamajig Connectables Toy Review

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The Bottom Line

Fortamajig and Fortamajig Connectables make it easy to build colorful, elaborate forts kids love!
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  • They make it easy to build elaborate, sturdy forts.
  • Forts are colorful and kids love them.
  • Great indoor and outdoor toys.
  • Forts store away easily in included bags.
  • Elastic straps are very forgiving.


  • Expensive, around $100 if you want Fortamajig and Connectables.
  • Not really necessary if a blanket will do the trick.


  • Fortamajig makes it easy to build elaborate, colorful forts kids really love.
  • Basically idiot proof and the "parent frustration factor" is very low.
  • Kids around age 8 can build them independently.

Guide Review - Fortamajig and Fortamajig Connectables Fort-Building Toys

When my sister and I were kids we built a fort with a blanket and the piano bench. When the piano bench tipped over it sheared off all three of the antique piano's pedals. Oops.

Fortamajig and Fortamajig Connectables are really cool toys for fort builders. Unlike the typical fort's sheet or blanket, Fortamajig has Velcro straps on all four corners, around the perimeter and at several points in the middle. This makes it possible to create a table-shaped fort or a tent with a high peak. It even has a door and a window with a shade.

We built elaborate and colorful Fortamajig forts very quickly, both indoors and out, and they attracted kids faster than the ice cream truck!

Connectables are rectangular add-ons with Velcro straps that help to make tunnels, doorways and dividers. One of the neighbor kids quickly saw the potential for a dozen Velcro super-hero capes and soon a whole herd of kids was wearing them.

Both sets come with elastic straps with Velcro, which makes it easy to stretch the forts up to a doorknob or railing. They both come with Nylon carrying bags for easy storage. They're really idiot proof!

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