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Paperoni Deluxe Cutting Studio

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Paperoni Deluxe Cutting Studio

Paperoni Deluxe Cutting Studio

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The Bottom Line

Handy toy paper cutter is good to have if your child is really into Paperoni toy projects, but you'll need to supplement this starter set with more project kits to make the fun go on and on.
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  • Arts-and-crafts toy stimulates creativity.
  • Resulting paper projects are cute.
  • 3-D designs.


  • Lots of tiny pieces.
  • Only three projects in this kit.


  • Cutting machine cuts paper sticks to specific lengths.
  • Instructions tell which lengths to apply.
  • Sticky surface means no glue necessary.
  • Three projects in this kit.
  • Refills on sticks and projects are available.

Guide Review - Paperoni Deluxe Cutting Studio

Paperoni is an arts-and-crafts project toy that the company (Spin Master) recommends for kids 4 and up, but I found the demand for fine-motor skills to be too high for my 4-year-old. I'd say this is better for 5 or 6.

The cutting tool toy has a dial that adjusts to six specific lengths. Put in one stick and press the lever to cut it. It's very easy to do. Just don't push the stick in too hard or it goes all the way into the cutter. This is easy to figure out after a minute or two.

The picture on the box shows many colorful sticks standing on the top, so it appears to cut more than one at a time, but that's not the case. The instructions indicate that those sticks are just being stored up there.

The Deluxe Cutting Studio toy includes a 2-D mouse pattern, a 3D spiny animal of some sort (Fish? Porcupine? You be the judge.) and sticky, clear plastic template material. Just lay the template over a drawing or photo and apply the Paperoni sticks to make your own design.

Though many other kits are available, I wish this starter kit had more patterns in it. An enthusiastic sticker could have these all complete by sunset on Christmas.

That said, the cutter is handy to have if your child is really into Paperoni projects.

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